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might say brought me fame

I don't think I can just talk enough about Lucille
Sometimes when I'm blue it's seems like Lucille
Tryin' to help me
a nine once
so be sure to the core before you take a life
cause someone had to give birth, nurture and make a life
wake up to feed and love a screaming
Measures we taken em', maken we'll clap at ya
Peel off on dirt bikes and raptors
Squirt pipes at bastards y'all can't fuck wit me!


getting crazier the harder we go
With my partner Peter Parker I was jumping like a trampoline
Web spinning Spiderman swinging from the scaffolding
Inexperience -- it once had cursed me 
But your youth is no handicap -- it's what makes you thirsty, hey kid
Strum your guitar -- sing it kid 

Just write
support him
I never thought you would sell out
You’re becoming so cocky
I asked you for a picture after your show
You walked right by me, I’m like
westside, fool try to take mine
Ya start to wonder, I know your name is Stevie
Don't think about it fool, 'cause you know you can't see me
23, the number's
from my chest
I breathe easy believe me my soul's at rest

I can tell in your vision that you can't no more
Your shirt is stained by the tears that
right back on it
Reminding me all over again how you fucking just brushed me off
And left me so burned, spent a lot of time trying to soul search
minute by your side is like heaven to me.
Baby girl, everytime I look into your eyes I wanna kiss your lips and tell you a thousand times,
You're more
Now I got game, like Parker brothers, 
Play monopoly on top of me, while we do each other. 
Roll a dice on your chest, I hit seven, I won! 
By the time
and discouraged, under moon rays they the purest
In a drought, I'm all about keepin' a consistent love flowin'
Mixed with the ultra violet rays, these pots, they
Morning had just about broken and the wings of tiny birds cut through the rays of the sun casting slithering shadows as they went about their
Doubtin' me I tell 'em just watch
Them diamonds yellow them beams are red
And them hands tucked, they don't show
Plus them shooters with me got the green
love in front of all these people...with that artificial rhonda over there?

Do de pope shit in de woods?

Now, just hold on there,
Shootin to the beach on Honda scooters
For some fun in the sun while the daylight last
Other people just layin out on the grass
Gettin Saint Tropez with
Three Dog Night?!!


Oh! I love them! They're my favorite band!.. ow gawd.. oh, do you like my new car? I'm ah.. my Dad just gave it to me for
One thousand different houses and munchausen
I'mma make you wanna punch out some f***in' one "ouch"
What the f***'d you hit me for?
Scream life as I
One thousand different houses and munchausen
I'mma make you wanna punch out some fuckin' one "ouch"
What the fuck'd you hit me for?
Scream life as I
slugs down
O.G.'s raised me, baby G's praise me
Since I'm a G, rep 3 'til I'm swazy
why'all cats fugazi, my shit's crazy
Niggas can't faze me (You
Yo, once the Mo start drippin
Hoes start trippin
Tell em my name Boo
You know we all hittin
But look mami
I got 3 drinks in me stuck
And I aint
Gettin' off is the first order of business
Once I get in office
Second thing that'll make me happy's walkin' up to Uncle Sam
Naked, laughing,
You can reach into your pocket
While I reach into my mind
Clarity is so divine
We just single the design
The physical we inherit
By visions on TV