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As soon as I have saved a little nest egg
I hope to ask you, dear, will you be mine?
The lovers you have had say, you're the best egg
They repeat,
Yet struck the nations fancy

Oh, you must have a marvelous gift to receive
The many gifts you do with same old clothes
And things each time
disappear (ooh)
I feel like a champion in a stadium
There's love in pandemonium
Imma put this in my memory as the best time ever

This is the best one yet

Perhaps she just got tired of makin' plans
And promises of things we never had
Well, I done my best, yet things got kind of worse
But for me,
You talk about the way things were
But I can't hear what you're saying
A time when life was not this hard
Blessed by the innocence

Is the best
You were lying there in North Carolina sun
Every thing we had was still yet to be Carolina you sure does the best of me
Heaven wouldn't be
So high I know
If the times gone by
Hadn't been so low
The best laid plans
Come apart at the seams
And shatter all my dreams
looking in your eyes
Yet still there's much to learn

Yours is to question why
My best occupation
Is letting life pass me by
Loving is not my thing

And yet
From the Bible to the popular song
There's one theme that has moved right along
From all the things that bide us good
The one best thing is
Why's it the same thing every night

It's just a matter of time
It's almost measurable
Imagination ain't kind on us tonight

You're at your
blooming above in the sky 
I never knew I was given the best one from the deck 

He never wanted nothing I remember 
Maybe a broken bottle if I had two
love isn't finished speaking yet

Of all the things I've ever heard
Let me remember when it hurts
That love will have the final word
As long as God
What was that bang
It was the next big thing
Exploding over our heads
And soon the next generation
Will emerge from behind the bike sheds
Let me touch you 
Put my hands on you 
I'll kiss you 
And we'll see things through 
Would you lay with me 
Would you lay with me 
Till the sun
Life is full of finer things
they're lost and found
in the dark
It's the dog by the highway
Who said, 
Goin' my way? 
Now, he lives in your own
or regret, searching only for the best

We could see the light unfold right before our eyes
Blinded by the tears, we get lost in the shadows
Oh! But the heart
I am not
Yet I occurred

Let every living thing shine its light on me every living thing
Let every living thing shine its light on me
Let every
there people stare
Let down by your own mind

Day of appreciation
For ways your mind has not yet let you down
The truth is that we will all go
Dreaming of a love I lost, the day the final bridge was crossed
Sometimes I wish that I could just forget
But the memory lingers yet and it hangs
the best thing I've seen yet, oh my 
Ooo-eee my love 
And if you want to take me on 
We might be at it until dawn, oh my 
Ooo-eee my love 

Listen to me
There are things that our eyes can't see
Things that our ears can't hear
Something bigger out there

Something divine
Something good
And the pinnacle as things get critical
I'm sweating bullets, but I'm cooler than a Popsicle
Pull off a miracle as a black symbol
That overcomes yet any obstacle
Would that make me more mature?
By pretending to be blind, and accepting all your lies
I'd be giving in for sure
I won't acquiesce or take second best
we built our worlds together and we got the best of both

There's still wonder in our eyes
But we see each other in a different light
record label hasn't come through yet
You've gained some weight
And all you can think is
When the Romeo's gonna show
Oh, I know, babe,
You're the best