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night of sleeping, I woke up and I said to myself, "Mojo, Mojo, you
cannot judge a foo
foo by his haircut.  Can't just a book by it's cover, you can't
Step back a minute, ain't payin' no parkin' ticket
You won't like me when I'm angry now I'm close to livid
I found it by myself so I don't need no
A church of our own design

By our best, we're remembered, baptized we surrender
By air, by water, by shore
We were never good fighters or very
It's just another day on a city street

You got to do the best you can to get by
In the high sunshine

[Chorus: x 3]
Summer madness will unfold
The hell fighters
Warriors of ice
Midway through life, midway to death
The nomad soldiers fight for the best

Feel the chill by the polar race
're listening

I know there's a fighter deep down inside of
'You, my love,'cause you;re a champion (yeah)
I know you'll get by 'cause you're a survivor
Bagging up while I'm racking hits by the minute, im sick with the lyrics, so you best be backin' up
Chatta with a little more flex, doesnt matta cos when I
lemme holla at'cha,

Foo, where you been dog? (My momma got sick, main!)

Fuck that got to do wit'chu? (Hold up I ain't your bitch, main!)

I heard you
Leave the Girl alone, leave alone!!!

There's a battle ragin' fueled by desperation, hatred and fear

Now the principal language
can tell by the way I got out the projects
You still here, your thuggin' with the best
Don't worry if I got nines I blast text
You should worry if ya
Scottish and proud

So if you're a fighter and scrappin' a lot
You'd best shy away if you're scrappin' with a Scot
With one mighty blow yer head will be
Which part dem deh

A multitude of people
Dem try dem best to convince
Only to capture the heart of a few
The truth you can't dismiss
They are
drama to the streets of southern cali
So I'ma drop this track and bring to you grand finale
Low Pro fuckin gangsters
Foo I've never seen one
Sony your
I'll be zee best fighter
From here, toro, TORO, he does not look so big to me!

When out storms the bull, he's a torrent of fur
His bravery shows by
lemme holla at'cha,

Foo, where you been dog? (My momma got sick, main!)

Fuck that got to do wit'chu? (Hold up I ain't your bitch, main!)

I heard you
some peace you must believe
Believe the best in you

If I could change the world.
Ooh, I would be the sunlight in your universe.
Ooh, you would
holdin' Christ
On a platinum chain, surrounded by ice
Sinister Cyrus, you can't deny this
Because the lightheads
Brokin' and tokin's been replaced by
and do your best
For the people in the north, south, east and west
Like you can't judge a book by it's cover
If you listen, you will learn from a jungle
to test the sky
You gotta be the best to try
Hoe ass niggaz dress too fly
To be talkin' bout lockin' heads
With a nigga that's Texas size
You fraud at,
Terror, this is what you call me.

I strike terror among men.
I can't be bothered by what they think
I bear my cross my soul myself
I forgive
and a cinnamon Pop-Tart
The bell doesn't work, foo, you better knock hard
Line by line, I'm doing fine
Ideas on my mind for my time
Hail when my kind does
to destiny I need no directions
Far to Southerners, the best man the winner
And only this morning does the best man remember
Fighters seen the weak, more
the elevation (repeat 4X)

"A player, that can leap, with the best of them"

Risin up in the 'Velt, Strong Island, New York
The hood in case you did not know
Erick Sermon's in the area) 

[Erick Sermon] 

You best believe 

Is this mic on word up 

I swarm like helicopters, after robbers, at fiends
like G's, you best believe this
I done made quadriplegics outta these non-rapping rejects
While the whole world ejects your tape
It ain't no secret that