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[Bonus track - Original: Rainbow]

I surrender to your heart babe
Do anything that you want me to do
Please tender, Yeah, I'm in your hands girl
I did it all by myself
I found my way around it 

Get me what I want
Everything that I got
Get me what I want
'Cause I'm a big shot
So give
(appears as a bonus track on the red light special single)

Now I lay me down to sleep
That was then, but this is now
I pray the lord my soul
[Bonus Track]

A little bit of love to grow
Give me a sign, I need to know
I've seen the way you've been stealin' with those eyes
When all is said
* (bonus track on cd-rom)

(chorus / havoc):
Cause in the long run we could be on son
It's on son
Extra cash just for more guns

Cause in the long

[Bonus track, Japan]

time what is time, a remnant of hope
A line to oblivion where we're on the rope
And your sun is set, a pale silhouette
twice as deadly
The people love the menu revolvin' in my head
Somehow I feel it's up to me to keep em well fed
(What's your name?) D.M. Reppar Detacude
'Cause what you did - did THIS to me!
Into the depths you will plunder
You will plunder
Into the fire!

Note about the song from Neal Morse:
the last
I can only judge your future by your past
And I would rather die than ever let you see
Any trace of the tracks you left on me

I will not go away
was a high and lonesome time
Like a coyote always looking back he left no tracks behind 
So I memorized these pictures and it's still the very best
Sittin' by the windows all alone
Tryin' to understand just what went wrong
The girl I love has gone away
But the reason why she left, she didn't
There's a dead girl's body
By the railroad track
She's waiting for a train
Jimmy left town like a fade to black
In his Camero in the rain 

You're hearing me say yes
I'm saying no
But you'll never get the best of me
Cause I get what I want and I know what I need

Boys boys boys they gimme
You're hearing me say yes
I'm saying no
But you'll never get the best of me
Cause I get what I want and I know what I need

Boys boys boys they gimme
here's what we do on the 48-track board
We look around for the best possible break
And once we find it, we just BREAK..
.. or, we just BREAK {
Flush, what's it all about?)
Iced down medallions
Cuban connection, flexin', willin', sippin' Don P. by the gallon, Queens stalion
(Royal Flush, no
Cuban connection,flexin,wilin,sippin crystal by the gallon ,Queens
(Royal Flush-No doubt)
Iced down medallions
(Royal Flush-What's it
to bubble every summer a new LP
You gotta love me I got shooters out the D-League
Signin' bonus hit that man that's from thirty feet
Left in a puddle, finger
if you move there's nothin left
Petrified by the dough nutz cause the beats are made to death
So after that you're left a hole in the middle
So hey
not hear it on MTV
No big deal, fine by me
As long as you know I’m starting now
To see what you see

You take away my insecurities
You make a day
sluttin' up with just seconds left on the board 3-
2-1 and on to the next ones cause these bore me


Eleven Hundred points mommy
I was again in Florida
Cruisin' with my crowd
Over by Datona we done heard
The most awesome sound

Went out to the speedway
What was this
my posse be kamikaze
On the corners like I'm homeless and I, don't know where home is
The bonus, is where the next open microphone is
Me and my
Every time the water breaks and soaks me to the bone
I remember what I left behind by sailing off alone
Pitch and yaw through hurricane, my