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say I'm wack and
Fact, but in fact, I'm not any of that black
See I'm the best kept secret
So shut the fuck up and peep it

"Diamond D, raised in
I used to stutter
But I fall on track-in, some may say I'm wack-in
Fact, but in fact, I'm not any of that black
See I'm the best kept secret
the light
I know you are my best kept secret
Best kept inside
And I don't need a drink to get me by
But in my new city
So cold and bright
You know I don't
This is why we woke too late
For your birthday
Secrets that we held that day
Will be kept straight

All your friends have gone away
So let's
safe I flipped and hit รข??em wit more shit 

Chorus 2X: 


Introducin' the best kept secret 

It's no sweet shit I
believe we're doing this
And all the secrets that we've kept
Have kept us from the best of this
The best of you and me

You bottle it up inside
And take all
Smooth it out
This is a story about the drifter
Who waited through the worst for the best in crosstown
Who never planned on havin' so dick
Why me,
I'm moving forward another morning 
I've come to regret another secret that's best kept between you and me 
I know what it's like (sometimes)to be
Try your soul on another page

And time opens your best kept secrets
Plead the fifth now before you lie
In the right moment you play you
Life's a thread of paths to cross


Whiter shade of pale is my best kept secret
It's the song that'll sail me back home
It's the best kept secret of all
The politicians are pawns to the power
Of a prime piece of meat called
The brain of Britain

The brain of Britain
too much darkness
Overcome with so much sadness
But I'm still shining bright as ever

The best kept secret in rock 'n' roll
Harder they come harder
Some showed up along the way.
So I nod my head, I'm ready for the world to see.
The secret I kept here inside, the man you thought I'd be.

I slip
By the thought that she got free 
And why are you figuring who's the best 
When just your luck ran out 
And she chose me 

We do not lie side
Oh, their pockets may be empty
Yet they are waiting for love (love)
And that's enough to fill our days

Whiter shade of pale is my best kept secret
don't know who I am
I've been your best kept secret
I understand I wasn't part of the plan
A dollar short of it, and early
But I am your man.
So come
who you lift
This shit is getting scary

Frenemies, frienemies
The ones you kept secret, you had plans to make it
You can smell the danger
We kept the secrets in the dark 
And the values of our brothers inside 
The shadows I can see, can see me perfectly 
Their ratio is ten to zero
kiss you
Repeat 1

When I'm with my friends
I'm trying to figure out a way
To leave 'em behind just to get back to you
Oh, you're my best kept secret
the barcode on my neck


Yo, yo she was a black gold, center fold classic
Chirped to Mack mode, that ass kept asking
Provalaks and a double stack
and she take off all her clothes
Nigga you know how it goes, make the pizza man wait
The best kept secret
Even hoes try and keep it and I leak the damn
just twice a day, up to Abilene
She wasn't showing yet, she kept her secret hid
She didn't tell the boy, she couldn't live with it
It was so hard for
you kiss
You know who you lift
This shit is getting scary
Frenemies [Repeat: x2]
The ones you kept secret
You had plans to make it
it all gravy
But i was  mistaken highly, you slid shit right by me bein decietful n hidin keeping secrets but still
keepin me smilin ivitin hoes
After all this time
Girl you know by now I can read your mind
Why would you keep something from me?
Your best kept secrets are the ones I want