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My name's Taylor Swift
This is a cover song I'm gonna sing for you
By one of my favorite bands called Better Than Ezra
And its the song
Make you strip, got my dick harder than the unzipped
Tyler swiftly slips his dick inside of Taylor Swift's slit
Round trip in that pussy, here comes
Yeah, I'm giving it over

Music by Peter Furler and Steve Taylor / Lyrics by Steve Taylor
©©2002 Dawn Treader Music (admin. by EMI Christian Music
I sent my majordomo to your amanuensis
To ascertain your feelings, and strip away pretenses
And then a few days later, you sent back your vizier
But fuck that, this the Taylor gang, what you on dog
Shit I'm on everythang

When I pull up people so fresh in my ride
We smoke the best you can buy
Enough for Pamela Anderson Lee
My Katy Perry ain't afraid to carry
That shit you sniff, Taylor Swift
Niggas talk yet it remains a myth
I never seen it,
like G's, you best believe this
I done made quadriplegics outta these non-rapping rejects
While the whole world ejects your tape
It ain't no secret that
everything's all good
But at the end of the day you're all wrong

All red chuck taylors, red Dodger hat
Posted up at market with a bottle of yak
I'm just
Hannah Montana, she was always happy
You only fronted on Mariah 'cause Mariah don't carry
Tried to disrespect Taylor 'cause Taylor wasn't Swift enough
And have him selling hot dogs if he ain't saying nathan' 
I wait for challengers to pick a day to beef 
I'm not a calendar- 
I'll knock your ass
You look at this picture with a wondering eye
And then at the arrow that hangs by it's side
They tell a story for you know there is one
to the kids that get some
My father called me to tell me he loved me
I'd have a better chance of getting Taylor Swift to fuck me
Annoying and I'm ugly, most

Every man and woman gets one scotch, 
One bourbon and one beer, 
Three times a day if they stay cool. 
And little chillens gets milk, cream
I go by the name... (I'm yo' pusha) 
of Pharrell from the Neptunes...
And I just want to let why'all know... (I'm yo' pusha)
The world is
dismount and walk,
But come when you hear my horn and answer swift the call
For I fear ere the sun will rise this morn ye will serve me best of all"
We the best def jam
I introduce you to ace
Ace lets get money

Cash flow
It's too easy nigga (bankroll)
We don't count money no mo
We weight
why our four tour buses hit more cities than Greyhound
Hip-hip hooray, Tha Liks is on the way
I'm like the homey that drops by, and stays all day
Suit untailored, ringtone Taylor Swift
Can't tweet up on my Twitter
Cuz I haven't done shit
Bank account red, body ungroomed
The good thing about me is
steelo's tight
Cause by far I'm the best producer on the mic
Born to write, analytical conceptions
With precision and leave lyrical incisions
We the best def jam
I introduce you to ace
Ace lets get money

Cash flow
It's too easy nigga (bankroll)
We don't count money no mo
We weight
Fifteen years have passed
Every day the woods have cried
The words of vengeance and revenge
The Gods have watched him day and night
Taylor Gang, let's get it
(Young Money)

There's some people coming with me and I know who they are
And some that ain't gon' make it and I know who
Wyclef the multi-talented
Average heads can't handle it
I'll bring it to you live
Only if you want it
Me and my guitar go back like the days of the R
can flow then you can ask E-Swift
If you don't believe Swift then you can call Steve Griff
If you don't believe Griff then step up to fuck with I