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13 days since you came by
Brought the dark clouds in my life
You've been keeping me inside
I am sleeping, ravens fly

Wake me up
It started at an early age, I guess around 13,
I'd hear those engines on the street and my how they would scream.
They'd pull into the driveway
gunnin' down my
And leavin' him like a dog beneath a car without his knife

And Romeo says hey man gimme a cigarette
And they all reach for
above me
New God kill machine 
And man say Lord of the engines - yeah 
Pocket full of dirt - frozen 
In my hands - hold on to 
The nameless 
The sky above me
New God kill machine 
And man say Lord of the 
Engines, yeah 
Pocket full of dirt, frozen 
In my hands, hold on to 
The nameless
above me
New god kill machine
And man say lord of the
Engines, yeah

Pocket full of dirt, frozen
In my hands, hold on to
The nameless
God yeah
the way her eyes light up
When she looks at the man in a family way
He's made of iron and he knows the way

And when I think about my brother dying
And my
Still sufficient in depending on you 
Depending on each other. 
Engine noise whispering through half asleep startled by 
Startled by headlights
drove her to the depot
There were tears in my eyes
And a ticket in her hand
And as we stood there by those tracks
I knew she wasn't comein' back
So I
Out on the highways and the by-ways all alone
I'm still searching for, searching for my home
Up in the morning, up in the morning out on the road
June was the lobster shell
I dug by hand, a haven that hid me well
Beneath the sand
The white windy waves washed in
But I stayed dry
The great
our own hand

We are the rising, foretold by Simeon
Raise your fists as one
We are the rising, my brothers, I and thee
In service to the King
You stormed out of my house, quarter after two
You stormed out of my house, quarter after two
But by sixteen after baby, I ways crying after you

For gunnin' down my brother
Leavin' him like a dog
Beneath a car without his knife"

Romeo says," Hey man, gimme a cigarette"
And they all reach
that long thin dawn is coming on again

Last night I came to Denver beneath the snowcapped ridge
I thought about my darling as I stood beneath the bridge
husks stuck between my teeth
and nobody needs you like I do

You are the satisfying crush-crunch of the cockroach beneath my trembling hand

Rosy cheeks curly hair can't you tell it's my Mary
All times in the evenings we'd go scrolling
Hand in hand together beneath the pepper trees
I can

By your hand 
I've awakened 
Bear this honor in my name 

Outside the soundness of your mind 
Bathing your soul in silver tears 
the twister hit
And all our hopes were buried
Beneath the boards and bricks
And we almost called it quits

This old town was built by hand
In the dust bowl
Door swings shut, keys are cold
Engine cranks and hums
Pull away, feeling slow
By and by, in the hollow

Don't fool yourself, it's hard and soon
head into her hands
Soothe awhile, soothe awhile, touch the boy inside the man
Beneath her skirts, between the clean, white sheets
It's such a long,
remember running to the sea
The burning houses and the trees
I remember running to the sea
Alone and blinded by the fear

And the river flows beneath
Will you wipe the flour from your hands
And look this way?
Now hold your apron by your side
No, no...your hair's just fine
Inside my private holocaust.

O' steel angel please carry me 
Fly me to my love,
From cold Earth far beneath me
To the Heavens high
Above our heads like a God

In desperate moments I run-I run for myself
Hide beneath my shadow(hide beneath my shadow)
Snakes in my hands, in