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Blackbird claw, raven wing
Under the red sunlight
Long clothesline, two shirtsleeves
Waving as we go by

Hundred years, hundred more
Someday we
Reaching for that great thumping whoosh of blood and power
That wobbled like a snarling god above me.
My fibrous head translucent as a bell jar
here drunk. My bell jar.
Just let me drown in all I remember.
I don't know just how to get to you.
But you have such a sweet face.
You have such
the winter
A hotel window in a hurricane
A furnace exploding down in the cellar, by the jars

My dream will come back to this house
It's a kid who refuses
them in jars

With my-y-y saltbreakers
Ringing all the underwater
Underwater, underwater bells

Look inside a space
Look inside
would the mind then be hell?
And if I get too heavy for ya let me know cause I can't tell
The jar and bell, well

If you want I can take you home
to be star,
To do it like we do it, like a genie in the jar,
Hit me on my pager, maybe later we can talk,
Naked by my crib we can hang by the bar,
it ain't fiction its fact boy beware its real
Them lyrics you wield equals zero to a hero's shield
Mr fly by the seat of his pants para-sail
Or hit
canteloupe little old maid
A big black berry inside the cool-aid
A bass guitar a old fruit jar 
A green canteen and a chocolate bar
Cannonball baby doll
they head or a third tit
Her bra smell, his card say: aw hell
Barred from all bars and kicked out the Carvel
Keep a cooker where the jar fell
out on the block, and all you hear is boom
This is my set, so you can jet, or get that sweater wet
A fed is bloody, he's been wounded by a fucking tech