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Know that you're there

Laying dark
Behind the scenes a
Madman at the screens

Laying dark
Behind the scenes a
Madman at the screens

and Smif-N-Wessun 

Pick up the pace 'cause we're right behind ya black 

The punk got X-amount of shots, take one to your back 

BOO-YAA-KAA!!! Mr. Ripper did
Leaded by this old and tired heart
Dividing my pain, from the
Hopes of soul

And now unscreamed voice
Behind the walls of silence
Decay to my surrender
Some way
Leave all his misery behind
His horn
He will blow breaking the curse
Under the Flying Red Horse

Here we go, break of day, with a mad lye session
Down in Bucktown it's Black Moon, and Smif-N-Wessun
Pick up the pace 'cause we're right behind
the mirror
Behind the scenes opens reality

Eternal silence cries loud for justice
Forgiveness is not for sale
Nor is the will to forget

Follow your
plastic melts panties sweating street heat
I'll be there like Vladimir packing in your ear
Dr. Smith, Will Robinson make you say "Oh dear"
I take your
the boys had stayed behind
While mother tended to her chores, they wandered from her side

The two had gone to follow him and lost their way instead
By dusk
go on the slide
Scene by scene, my whole life
I'm showing you my heart
From real to reel

Run the tape through my mind
Fit to screen, cut to size
Watching it all go by, who loves the sky?
And I will see you again, follow your every whim, who
Guides the wind?
And I will be by your side, watching it all
The rules will you

Bow down to the invisible government fuck
That they're capitalist scum
That they're capitalist scum

they've ever seen
A choice of death made for man
By leaders behind the scenes
The end result of a Nuclear War
That laid waste to us all
Our civilization
Surrounded by good intentions
(But you're still misunderstood)
Remember who you'll leave behind¡­

your golden cage
Then turn the page on the demons in your head

You gotta step up
Get to the bottom of it
Dig deep and go behind the scenes
I had to worry,
Leaving all the changes far from far behind
We relieve the tension only to find out the master's name

Down at the end, round by
slipping into the ground
The scene has no color and no sound

You still believe in me
After the things I've done
You fear for what we have become
a disgrace
you think you've got the scene by the collar
But people will realize and stop being followers

You think you've got the scene under your wing
What was it I saw in New York?
I'm not the same anymore
How will I hide these feelings inside
Call my girl on the phone
Neon lights shine bright
try to take away your will try to push you down purified not so qualified ever since the day that it changed your life terrified by the world outside
I almost can't stand to watch, as we are made to suffer
In a scene run by fashion, and what label you are on
Wake up, look around, at what your
a slight grip as I like a smith and stop a stressin
A ruthless adolessence you might become a lesson
Put on My suit and clown naw playa that's what hoes do
By the father's hand
Must not get left behind.

Rasta seh - guidance
(4) But Backrah seh different still

Babylon makes the rules but
Jah love will

So free your heart leave your life far behind
In the cold dark winter skies escape the pain inside
Now feel your soul lost in scenes
And leaving
Long for sleep
Closer now
Lead the way into death

Every wretched dream
I've left behind
Every waking hour
I lie in wait

Sucked inside by
the balcony, good Lord
And the sun will burn you and blind you
When you step back into the street

She stood by some window in Paris
While the captions