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to advance, I'm sorry for the holes in
your hip
Son, It's the way of the street merchant, live by the laws,
die by the rules
My gleam play the part
Live by the laws, die by the rules
My gleam play the part of a fool

Now hear these jewels from a wise king
See what my eyes seen
Ten year supreme,
they've rehearsed

It's a waste of time
I'd put it behind me once and for all
And let the hype decline
If the problem wasn't mine

Go by, go by
The night goes by
Leaving you behind me, as I fly
Then rise, the day and night sky
How do you get to heaven if you never try?


A new life,
the screen
We could live it scene by scene
If I didn't have a mind
I know I wouldn't miss a cue

I know you wish we could do
The things that lovers do
By day
He's a grease monkey it's true
A slave
Fix your transmission like new
Change oil
Rotate your tires of course
He toils
Under the Flying Red
won't see him at parties
He's not the Face behind the scene.

He Makes Nothing
He's the Nothing Maker
He's the Maker of Nothing
they've ever seen
A choice of death made for man
By leaders behind the scenes
The end result of a Nuclear War
That laid waste to us all
Our civilization
Fingertip sun at sideshow stalls, they throw the balls
At coconut fur that hides behind coloured shades that blind your eyes
Every child's mother
generations after her" so
Exactly would have happened if I hadn't continued rappin
Or steady being distracted by money drugs and four
Fives, I count lives all
after her" so
Exactly would have happened if I hadn't continued rappin
Or steady being distracted by money drugs and four
Fives, I count lives all
And all that we are, is a conscience behind a cause
Like gears and cogs
And nothing is real, at least not the way I feel
A mile-less wheel
Years of plead, behind the walls
Chambers and vaults, Scenes of fright
Unspoken Words, in pain and dread
140 lives passed his hands

Gilles De
behind my face
Trying to complicate the scene that surrounds me
Slapped in the face, a bitter taste
Lingers to penetrate, confuse and astound me

Lone wolf: by the light of the moon I was watching last night
A scene that unfolded in the pale clear light
Two hot blooded women one blonde one
fucking wizzard to understand your fucking tools
Just read behind the headlines, all governments are the same
They've got us fighting with each other with
And fix what has been broken for so long 
You have not taken one true step towards leaving the 
Pettiness that you claim that you left behind 
This scene
collision if I only learn to give
And learn to live simply, that all may simply live

I'll be cursed by what I'm spitting if I follow my own ego
I'll be
we could kick it
Take a hit with me, take a hit with me
Ain't on stage behind the scene, I'm probably mixing lean
Chilling with my niggas, with my
don't know what's going on
In the scenes behind
I worry about it some of the time
And I hope there's not a war

'Cause I'm not in for killing another

So free your heart leave your life far behind
In the cold dark winter skies escape the pain inside
Now feel your soul lost in scenes
Captive in the wasteland, my fear of death awakes
As I close my eyes I face my history so real.
My blood is running faster, my will to live deletes

You know forever
It's such a long long time
To live your heart must beat to stay alive
Why the heartache 
Why the mindless crime
diggin' tunnels behind me,
And live at a new altitude.
I'm gonna reach for the stars to remind me,
That meerkats are not merely food!

For once I'll be,
In the streets of New York
Dope fiends are leaning for morphine
The TV screen followed the homicide scenes
You live here, you're taking a chance