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About what I'm suppose to do
I need to tell the truth
And do what's right by you

I need to speak my mind
And let my heart run free
Your pain will
God all mighty, Olivia Newton John got married, Sally Field got married, Jamie-Lee Curtis got married, it was like last call at a singles bar.
Knowhatimean, gangsta, and all that, I just want to see
Some more life in the music, for the babies) {That's what's it's about, man
We know about that generation
And black mothers need sons
Not children that's been killed by guns
It's, just another form of slavery, a modern day lynchin'
The others get
when we get busy we be ready to bust the revolution
And get it on like Hughey P. Newton
South Central and Watts rebellions
Speakin of off the hook, we
Charles Barkley would be 
played by Marcus Garvey
he'd be throwin people off his back and makin 
sure they never got a rebound rebound / and
he'd throw it
step, mobbed by the mouth a bit
Pause, put me under stress
Crawled under rocks, ducking y’all, it’s respect
But then tomorrow, put my back against
and move for the prosecution
And them brothers act like a born-again Huey Newton
Forgot about the bullshit music they was producin
But my niggaz aim