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And preached a wicked sermon, so the papers said.

Hi dee hi dee hi dee hi
Ho dee ho dee ho dee ho.

Aimee built herself a radio station
Loyalty torched dignity,
Burned him up and he ran.
There's nothing worse than a radio edit.
Girls' fashion's callous, the standard
Is angry,
K-H-J Los Angeles!
Portions of today's programming are reproduced by means of electrical transcriptions or tape recordings
You can hear the music
overdosed the injection that leave you posted and deaded
This so gangsta, they can't make a radio edit
This that act correct, cause I ain't got to pack
on the radio

She says why can't he be you I hear
You've gone from Brown to blue
Since the holiday for two
But I don't need to know that right now
I love you so
a lot
With the kid we've got, yeah
The radio's playing
He really loves his wife
I hear the D.J. saying
Well momma done told me
You might wander far,
a sit-down
Forget the studio and the mixdown
It's time to set it, you talkin loud without the credit
You clean like a radio edit
You couldn't tell that
You hear me rhyme and try to shine on my time  forget it 
Hear me on radio  live vocally do edits 
E Swift scratchin and threading  with supreme
And any J in a rotation is done

Our whole life is a paid vacation 
You prolly won't hear us on your radio station
'Cause beats like these
be said in American headlines
Kennedy stretched and smiled
And got double crossed by lowlife goons and agents
Rich bankers with criminal connections
Radio style, yeah

She was a fly girl from the projects
With a super dope body that I had to get
So I stepped to her
(What did you say, Ron)
I said, ?Yo?,
folks, except ta go downtown and watch haircuts

So I was raised on Dust Bowl tunes, you see
Had a six-tube radio an' no TV
It was so dog-goned hot I had
With murder, I'm like O-J
He's like my Cochran today
We keep them Mark Ferman tapes in a safe
Lock em away
Better watch what you say just when
Yeah, On behalf of Chamillitary Entertainment
I'd like to extent my deepest apologies
To anyone who feels they are offended by
With murder, I'm like O-J
He's like my Cochran today
We keep them Mark Ferman tapes in a safe
Lock em away
Better watch what you say just when
From an Alien source are approaching from the sky, 
Radio contact has been attempted but cannot be established,
Instructions are to prepare for

This is a Captain Carnage and Necrophiliac duet of death! 
It's the Witchcraft Killer!!! 

[Captain Carnage] 

Fillin my fuckin bed with