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Come on

?Grab the bull by the horns?
The old adage goes
Nobody tells you where to go from there
[Incomprehensible] in you
Decisions have to be made
And what I need
Has now become the same thing
You've been offering
As days go by
I've finally become what you want me to be

Don't tell me
now become the same thing
You've been offering
As days go by
I've finally become what you want me to be

Don't tell me you saw it all along
God help me,
and it's been tested by research
He who fucks nuns will later join the church

Death or glory becomes just another story
Death or glory becomes just another
Let the bough break, let it come down crashing
Let the sun fade out to a dark sky
I can't say I'd even notice it was absent
'Cause I could live by
What lies we tell ourselves 
Behind the blue motel 
Out on the frontage road 
Down by the interstate 
We open up our sores 
We cauterize
From the inside room when the front room greeting 
Becomes your special book  it was simple then 
When the party lulls  if we fall by the side
Do you want to tell me something
Open up my world for me baby
With another stupid lie that gets you by
One of those stupid lies that gets you by
freed you
But my pride was just a veil
I pretended not to need you
Now my heart tells a different tale

And every hour that goes by
The harder I
know what you do out of passion
But it only makes it harder for me
And I know that you’re scared by the notion
We’ll become who we're meant to be
Well, let me tell you about my girlie
She goes by the name of sleepy shirley
She become a real life wiro
Since she learned how to do the cairo
glass bid goodbye and come on home right now
Don't become a hopeless laid to fickle fun

Out to parties every night a new girl by your side
Can't you
The smile of disbelief
Stained signature of nightmares
They're stolen by the thief

I'm back on the borderline
Yes I'm back on the borderline

Tell me, can the hateful chain be broken?
Production and consumption define our hollow lives
Avarice has led us 'cross the ocean
Toward a land
Observing the shades,
Interpreting signs;
Reporting the patterns
Row by line.

Liturgical tales I live and tell,
Infused and entwined like
the dance
I t goes round and round
Until the things you've lost
Become the things you've found 
Day by day and night by night

Now piece by piece
If I could?
Suppose I'd tell
It's all lost
To race against her will
Imagine way the and twilight by yourself

Oh, just stand within the breaks
Oh, what
Sorrow becomes you, you wear it so well
Sorrow becomes you it's easy to tell
Though my heart always rules
I'll be king of the fools
Wearing sorrow
revolves captured in the eye of woman
Allah, where are you now?

All eyes are blinded by the sparkling waters
Scheherazade gathering stories to tell
ignore me
How did I tell you I must have to find I'm slowly a going out of your mind

Words from your sweet lips oh how I love you
Have now become just
Sit back and watch this dream you call your life
Quickly pass you by and know this was wasted time

And take a look in the mirror and tell me, who
Well their actions become so absurd

So keep your auditions for somebody
Who hasn't got so much to lose
'Cause you can tell by the lines I'm
Have you heard of the
Legend of the Lost and Found?
It tells of a world turnin' upside down
When all the kings have become the clowns

The beggars are
who'll tell me the time of day
And he'll make your wish for true come
Unexpected attacks on your nose
Can be treated by touching your toes
Donkey rïdes
Torn from your body,removed while you scream
Dissect to collect my blade now reams
Pieces of flesh lie by the side
Worn on my body or put