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(I Mourn that the Night Passes Us by)
(Lyrics by Anders Jacobsson, August 1998, edited July 1999)

Oh angel o' my winter;
Grieveth for
I am the fallen the one
That lived all his life as a sinner
The Tempter has called me his son

Soon it is time the dark has now fled
And I see
the winner in any war
Nothing noble in dying for your religion
For your country
For ideology, for faith
For another man, yes

Paper is dead without words
when there's nothing in it
Every winner that's lost a ticket
Is falling, falling at your feet
I've come crawling, falling at your feet

Everyone who
sometimes all you need is some love
To get by, to get by, to be alright even when the world is off it's axis
It's Sunday and you just wanted to enjoy
hot outside
We got mountainous terrain, valleys and hot springs
A beauty that's boundless
Cali contains the city of angels, it's big and bold
LA is
to the race track, then bring home a winner
Buy her earrings and medaillons
I got juice by the gallon
But she got legs like a stallion
Plus to be a cutie's