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Of deadly fate that might unfold

As hours pass by
They see their children die
They see their lovers killed
By the devil...itself

We will not
with another chick from my building
Kick her ass out and have breakfast like a mo' fucka'

I'm with another bitch by supper

Yeah me and hate that's
with another chick from my building
Kick her a** out and have breakfast like a mo' f***a'

I'm with another b**** by super

Yeah me and hate that's
to preach about the wrong of the world 
It can't be changed by three girls 
On the trio tip we're not a proof of that trip 
Excuses that's the truth when

No one ever thought about it
No one had the will to wonder why
Only you refused to die
Now there is no isolation
Keeping the experience
until it good night itself
That's for the OG to do it
Just equip me and do
You know what we a do fool
I will pull it back
I will let it go
I will
would you wanna notify?
Or would yo' ass deny that yo' ass about to die?

If you had twenty four hours to live just think
Where would you go?
gangstas die
Grab ya guns, soldiers ride (show discipline nigga!)
Kill ya moms, kill ya pops, kill ya seed
Kill ya girl (Its principle nigga!)
Sell ya
spit fireballs you heard my click got my thousand yours 
Hammer quipped we die for the strips defy the law
We the squad that do the job and beat
I call 'em words from me
that take long to cook
So some feel free in saying that we don't hunger for beats
Not that we not hungry, just picky in
bang bang the boogie to the boogie
Say "up jump" the boogie to the bang-bang boogie
Let's rock, you don't stop
Rock the riddle that will make your
killin a bison
HUH! Tyson, animal instinct the way I will beat you
Got (many) shots and (plenty) spots for them bullets to eat you
(Ha!) See through
one  bring you tool 

That nigga stick you and play dumb  hate a bitch ass 

Who care where you came from  you ain't prepared 

for when the pain
closed down?"
A system that eats itself got it looking like a ghost town
No proof of purchase here my ass is purchase-proof
Analyzed how they fucked us
the right things, they're no help his body slowly eats itself

If I was God no one would doubt it no one would suspect
That there was nothing that I
than you know the deal

I do or I die and I never ran never will

[Sean Price]
And Sooo you still peepin my words
Words that get niggaz locked
When will we take back our freedom
To choose the way we live and die

Main Street's boarded up now the whole town's asleep
The mom 'n pop got
of the beat that says ya go on
On n on into the break of dawn
Now I got a man comin on right now
He's guaranteed to throw down
He goes by the name of wonder
say some cry
Can't get by so later on they die
Because the strong will survive
The weak will perish
Ignorance is a poison and knowledge will nourish
of the beat that says you go on
On'n'on into the break of dawn
Now I got a man comin' on right now
He's garuanteed to throw down
He goes by the name
'Cause when it come to that paper 9 we get it on)
I'm her for em 'cause I know we need that
And I'ma be by side till the day that I die

it's on'n'n'on'n'on on'n'on,
The beat don't stop until the break of dawn.
I said M-A-S, T-E-are, a G with a double E,
I said I go by the unforgettable
Eat doughnuts and milk, listen to a pop tune
Used to be my baby-sitter, I want you for my woman
Without you girl, my life is bitter like a lemon
a change
So I'm told but I haven't seen the change unfold
I keep hopin' please, if you prefer to breathe
Communities in need of people that will lead

Then I'll take you to the sky
Put you in an armhold
Blacken both your eyes
For you'll find no other woman
That will love you like I do
I'll just open up