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livin' all alone

Somebody's needin' somebody, the way I do
Somebody's wantin' somebody, they can hold on to
To be loved by somebody, that's the way it
There's a burned out farmhouse down the road
Barns falling in and the fields over grown
"Keep Outside" on the broken fence
Passer's by say "What
underneath the door
Down the stairs, out on the street, it won't be coming back
It won't be coming back anymore

Take a chance to be a hero, a chance to play
the rail
Oh I've been knocked down a lot 
Think that's why I was begot we're gonna shake it off
Somebody's back at your door kid 3 am
Ooh take it soft shake
I walked down the street
People passing me by
They look me up and down
But they don't look me in the eye
I'm just another stranger

In my own
the dark 'cause I'm locked 'n da closet


Someone's knockin at the door, somebody's ringin a bell
Somebody's locked n da closet, somebody's goin
two doors down ain't nobody home (they're all busy)

Building fires strong desires
We've got to be careful there's too many people
Just down
You got the right string baby but the wrong yo-yo
Somebody's knockin' on your door
I passed this morning by the hardware store
Bought a brand new
By: jimmy buffett, buzz cason
I have watched as the sun went down
I have crashed as the room spun around
Now she's gone, she can't be found
But she's everything to me
Cause my whole world lies waiting behind door number three 

Oh Monty, Monty, Monty, I am walking down your hall
and hungry
Too tired to moan

Then I heard somebody calling my name
Saying ain't no need to be shamed
I found out that the door was always open, yes it was

gotta be white
Somebody gotta do their part
Somebody gotta be bright
Somebody gotta be up
Somebody gotta be down
Somebody gotta be the teacher
Three boys working on a slave gang
Chained in the cottage at night
Killed the overseer, broke down the door
Now they gonna shoot us on sight
You must be daddy's little pumpkin
I can tell by the way you roll
You must be daddy's little pumpkin
I can tell by the way you roll
Why it's
this used to be a good street
Operator help me
I can hear them by the door
And they're laughin' at me stuck in here
I can't hold out anymore
I'll try
Maybe you're the best on the block,
But by the time you make it in New York,
Your axe will be in hock.

Gettin' in the door will cost a fin
know... it's the next thing you know
Men they poked their heads in your kitchen door 
Smelt something burning and they were sure
It must be the flag you
worry me at all


Sometimes I feel like I should worry
Sometimes I feel like I should care
Then again, I'm in no hurry 
To be tied down by
So he hits the chop shop, makes drop, cause he's sick of bein' poor
He's white trash and he's knockin' on your door

[Pre Chorus]
Somebody's knockin'
the dough
All you got is three niggas kicking at your door, ha ha
Here come the paramedics, here come the paramedics 
It goes one for the ghetto, two
2:00am and I was high and dry
These beautiful chick gave me the eye
She opened the door and I slid by her side
And we headed on down the line

I'm so
climbing out
How did I get home?
I'll survive the situation
Somebody shut the door
Beautiful, beautiful
Climbing up the wall
I get by on automatic
keep breaking me down
I don't wanna walk out
Don't wanna go down, down, down

See there's a door that you can walk through
Where there used to be
don't wanna walk out
Don't wanna go down, down, down

See there's a door that you can walk through
Where there used to be a wall
I don't care, it's cool
I didn't leave alone
Somebody lying under every stone
Everything that a man could need
In a bag down by my knee
That looks good, this ain't got