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you gotta get him high
And as it is written there's one who still cares
Mojo Guru, hear my prayers

Nobody messes with a Mojo Guru
Some say he's
A little low on cash
But I'm high on luck
I wanna be your knight
In shining pick-up truck
With a Chevy for my summer home
Let's get the party started
up with Guru, of course

[Big Shug] 
Young ladies, fly ladies, young ladies in the house

Bad, bad by law, you no say you're da numba one
on these niggas
Threw on Jazzmatazz and let my thoughts simmer then
A storm started blowing in my eyes, I want to eulogize
The truest rhymes gonna keep Guru
You know the yolk it's spreading from 
You laugh as people scatter 'bout 
Surrounded by a veil of stars 
You realize your life is dark
up with Guru, of course

[Big Shug] 
Young ladies, fly ladies, young ladies in the house

Bad, bad by law, you no say you're da numba one
then she gets plenty more, uhh 

{repeat Chorus One} 
Watchin her drivin by, in her new whip so fly 
Wish she could sing me a lullaby,
don't pay when you're livin' by the trigger

[Chorus x 2]

Yeah, it's the master of the who, what, where, and the why 
But, still, I got
ever get the notion
To be needed by me
Fresh salmon frying
And the tide rolling in

I went to see a friend tonight
Was very late when I walked in
I saw a special depth of soul in her eyes 
As she looked through me and she just passed me by
To glad-hand some minor starlet and I 
Got in my car
blank and my I.Q. slumped and my jaw just hit the floor 

It's just bing bang boom one two three feeling as normal as you can be 
(I fell the 2nd he
My IQ is a negative number
I've got a sense of humor no one can stand
And my development was seriously encumbered
By playing music with
gone to heaven
He's mighty daring mighty, right he must be some kind'a guru
He's out of orbit, out of orb...
It seems as if the rope was held by one
The badder you seem, the more lies you tell 
The more lies you sell, then by surprise you fell 
Into my deathtrap, right into my clutches 
Stupid, you know
Dedicated to all my peeps who looked out over the years
Knawhat I'm sayin'? This one's for you

For you: dedicated true
What I believe with all my heart is true

I know you're there
Although it's nothing I can prove
I know you're there
By just the way the shadows move
I'm mystical; don't be deceived by the visual 
Visible preference is pure; patent it back to metaphors 
Greetin' 'em Illa del style wild

May all be well with mankind.
May the leaders of the earth in every way
Protect the earth by keeping to the right path 

May there always be
My shyness, my misunderstood
My misunderstanding
My destiny is grounded, by confounding weights
As Hollywood greats inspire me to keep my body
Or could it be you're schemin'? Oh, not you!
Well listen, I got this phone installed for business
And who gave you our number? Seriously, what is
My shyness, my misunderstood
My misunderstanding
My destiny is grounded
By confounding weights as Hollywood greats
Inspire me to keep my body
I'd only be too glad
So you could be like all the rest
But it just don't work like that

But there will come a day my friend
All the pain
the anger bubble
These streets can bring mad danger and trouble

And I can do bad all by myself
Do me a favor - don't be concerned about my wealth
teach you, reachin each so you`re enlightened
Emcees are frightened, by what I write in my songs
Cause I express what I manifest
While some of you fall
I choose my friends only far too well
I'm up on the pavement, they're all down in the cellar
With their government grants and my I.Q.
They brought