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Take your parachute and jump
You can't stay here forever
When everyone else is gone
Being all alone won't seem that clever
Take your parachute
down (my fate is now unknown to me)
I’m falling
With no parachute
No parachute
Never thought the sky could be so blue
No parachute
No parachute, here I'm
You're my parachute

With you it all begins
Feeling okay in my own skin
So alive
I'm so alive

I know
This life isn't gonna be perfect
The ups
a thousand shades of blue
Like we're here in our kaleidoscope
Don't want it to be over, yeah
Like everything that's in my mind
It's here right in front
Check out how she holler, somebody ought to tell her
Her ass got a voice, and she sing acapella
I could be the music, pumping in the background
be true

Just fly by
Gotta knock, knock on the sky

We can't
Just fly by
Gotta knock, knock on the sky
Here in this desert, beneath the sun and stars
Still troubled by the rumblings of a million distant cars
Please be good to me tonight, let me find my
and the streets
No ticket could be beat
For the beautiful show of shows
Ah, broadway only knows
The great white milky way
It had something to say
When he fell down
of comfort here
I am the one fearing open parachutes
But if you jump I'm coming right after you

Tonight we dine on each other
Tonight we dine on each
Would we pass by?

Like parachutes and air balloons
Or satellites and lonely moons
We'd still be drifting far apart
But thank the stars we are entwined
that got us here 

Look but don’t touch, hurt but don’t cry 
Break out of these cages, but never fly, never fly 

How much farther out? 
Be careful
won't be fatal
if love's parachute's been dropped
dropped, dropped, dropped
love's been dropped
dropped, dropped, dropp
From up here it looks so nice
I didn't stop until the moon, where I 
Picked a flower just for you

And I fell down to you in a parachute
When you play by the rules of the world
The world will rule you!
When you play by the rules of the divine
You will rule the world
Bring back
Keep on dancing

Beat by beat
Breath by breath
Walking hand in hand
Step by step
Here and now
Day by day
Won’t let this memory slip away

the Silent Night. 
Oh, it's quiet inside, 
Here in Oscar's mind. 

December will be magic again. 
Don't miss the brightest star. 
Kiss under mistletoe.
I've been waiting many hours
By the silent moon
In the wild, the jungle flower
Your toxic perfume

Tell my friends I'm gone, it's true
I've past
the Silent Night. 
Oh, it's quiet inside, 
Here in Oscar's mind. 

December will be magic again. 
Don't miss the brightest star. 
Kiss under mistletoe.
(don’t always come with a red bow)
Love (don’t always yell out here I go)
Love (don’t need you approval, to be beautiful, to be beautiful)
Love (don’t
afraid of the way we feel.
Let's be kind to each other
Not forever, but for real.

My father never put his parachute on
In the Pacific back in World
Cheer up its not yet doomsday
I won't be gone to long
Let go open your parachute
The wind guides us into the sun
The sun

breathe in open your
I just dropped in, cause I could use a friend
And a little bit of consolation
I'm hanging by a thread from the southern end of my rope
If you
masterpiece can be torn to the ground. 
But I'm still around. 

And you would build a ship or pack my parachute in time for the fall. 
Yeah, this is love by
Look what you've done for me
You're makin' more fun for me.
Troubadour me,destined to be
Set in my ways-stuck in my daze.

You were
You're always wishing and never here at home 

You all the dreams we shared and 
Lights we turned on 
But the house is getting dark 

And I