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Sitting on the shelf when someone called my number
With a template in one hand, scissors in the other
'What lump of clay is this?' Said the king
she's lying on her back
Beneath the handsome soldier and the family coat of arms
The lady she's affected by the soldier's obvious charms
And the king
The evil of men run through my bloodstream
And the blood of kings runs through my bloodstream
This dignified bastard
Hazardous to the health of America
and guilty, dastardly, mastery 

My felony melody has to be a bastards masterpiece 

Stop graftin me, chump-ass niggaz eyein me, temp me 

I'll break it
brand new screen show
I hear laughter, it's my birthday, I'm eighteen years old
I'm on gates between Monroe, eight fiends and young hoes
The flake dreams
jewelry customized by my artist
Six months locked, got a head start bitch
I was nigga rich befo' I ever got a rap check
Yellow Corvette same color Moet
to the next next
Data-perforated counties making you upset-set

Harvest all Brand-X Clark Kents to worm food
Carbon heart, buried his nozzle in fossil marker
Takin' out the excess mess yes let's it poppin' y'all,
Am I fazed by em not at all,
Cause haters don't know dick if they don't posses the cock n balls,
white wings on the king has been steamin',
'Cause the green everything is really meanin',
Lusting for the cleaning,
By the angels, bang hell