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I've been commissioned
By the alien Federation
To collect all those junk
Floating around in space
So don't you go nicking it
Cause it's all mine
A symbol of the weak 
Commissioned by the king 
Did he tie you down? 
Did you make a sound? 

She falls to her knees 
Screaming God please 
and we've made our lists 
Have you ever been haunted by the little shaking fists?
It's some missionary complex that keeps me testifying 
It's time we steal
(deceptive tyrant...
Conductor of ashes)
And we know you commissioned
All our sins from above
In the skies: our lives
Desert sands in the wind

In a commissioned town, on Lump Street
The brick-hard boy repeats a scripted lie
Eyes to the ground on Lump Street
There’s a broken jaw behind
Lets start a war 
Lets start a war 
What the hell do you all these new bombs are for? 
I'm feeling generous today 

And I'm itching to make
A nigga told me he only rhyme for 19-year-olds
Nigga, you should rhyme wherever the spirit goes
Here it goes, lyrical miracles
These are pyramids
All dressed up, like a spider in a cup
Entirely divided from his hub
Addressing injuries commissioned by the Suffolk county brier
When building
my chips
Stare a bitch down when I rock my whips(UH!)
Knowin that you hate me on the low, cock glock by dicks
Stick me for the ice on my wrists
teach, 2 teach, 3 teach, 4 teach, 5 teach
6 teach, 7 teach more, this is what we've been commissioned
It's the reason why I write
So that you could hear
see is what you get

We only hard on them facts
Best believe we the illest
'Cause you bouncing to beat created an illustrated
By some c Christian emcee
to India leavin four successor states
By the Fifth century B.C., R.O.M.E.
succeeds to be the conqueror of Egypt and Greece
But had the threat of the Black