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In the back room of the bar, crusty fingernails I saw him
Everything was hidden by all the greasy hair he was in
Never looking up, he seemed so sad

There’s plenty of room at the bar,
Plenty of room at the bar,
If you don’t like the rat race, we’ve got the right place,
There's plenty of room
the way
A bar room ain't no place to run and hide
From the memories of a love that said goodbye
I'm sick and tired of right or wrong
I feel a cold one
the children playing
Outside in the park

There's bars on the window
And if there were a fire
We'd burn up for sure
But that's just fine by me 
'Cause we
just getting by
I've had enough so-so for the rest of my life
Tired of shooting too low, so raise the bar high
Just enough ain't enough this time
I ain't
Half an hour change your strings and tune up
Sizing the room up
Checking the bar
Local girls unspoken conversation
Plays guitar
Said I'm going to the bar room to pay a debt I owe


Stag went down to the bar room and then stood on the bar room floor
And said nobody move
wandered through her dusty rooms
One of them stole her TV

And when the wind screamed up Ashland Avenue
The corner bars were full by noon
And the old
She walked in the bar room,
Not a day over twenty two,
Heads turned,
Eyes burned,
Temperatures were rising too.
And the looser and the stranger
wandered through her dusty rooms
One of them stole her TV

And when the wind screamed up Ashland Avenue
The corner bars were full by noon
And the old
Salin' can save me
Or I drown evermore
But I'm on the waves
With you on the shore

Never mind
One find day
In some bar
By the harbor
man, every woman
Is to help each other
Stand by each other
When love walks in the room
Everybody stand up
Oh it's good, good good
Say I love you, I love
wail in shame

See me wistful in some harbor bar
I tend the warm glass and the duelling scar
I sing my misappropriation song
For lovers land-locked far
laid to waste by years of wine
With my friends I used to follow
Nearly evevrybody's daugther
That's until you came along
In a bar-room patrons
and the scream
Exploding rooms of pain; dematerialize again
And gogo bars filled with showgirl stars and Friday set aflame
With crashing cars, sunburst guitars,
into the reeds
On a ripple
And playing it cool in a bar by the pool
With a Caribbean Kiss Amaretto

Give us a room with a mountain view
A tiny
The bartender said ya'll keep it down
The party was goin' strong
By the palm trees down at the tiki bar
Right there in the Holidome
We'd been
The silence roaring in our ears
Then at night a ticking sound
The time bomb of the life we'd found
I watched her leave, my heart in flames
Fanned by all her
When the sun goes down
On my side of town
That lonesome feeling
Comes to my door
The whole world turns blue

There's a rundown bar
Cross the railroad
The night is when, the ghosts all come out
Playing with my head, spin it all around
This room is like a prison cell, I'm all by myself
I'm waiting
don't matter I gotcha right here boo you know it's all you
Whatcha doin' all alone in this small filled room
Standing by the bar
Can't you tell that
the bar room mirror 
I combed right through her figure, 
She wiggled through the car park 
Into the pit of my heart, 
Sat herself beside me in my van
Tear it down in double quick time
To get the 'a' truck shifted 'bout midnight
The locker rooms are empty but the strobo tuners
Still spin with
adore you, and it's the summer so

Can you meet me by the lake
At the park, or in your room?

Can you meet me by the lake
At the park, or in your
The hospital wouldn't admit you
So we go home again
Right back to the same old room
Right back to the same old thing 

But you know you're just