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at a five and dime
She would read Dostoevsky
By the yellow moon
That hung like an orange in the tree
While I worked on the words
To the mystery tune
you by your crackhead neck
Take you back to Egypt where you'll learn respect
And on one knee and through one way
You'll follow out the path

The late Michael Jackson doing the moon walk on the telly
And I was like "who's bad?"
Sitting there smoking, sipping MD 20/20 thinking I was
They high from sniffing coke off a twenty-cent Andrew Jackson
City lights spark a New York night
Rossi and Martini sipping, Sergio Tachinni flippin
ain't seen her for weeks,
I ask her if she wants to walk on the moon
Then off to the theater, with Julius Caesar,
Way before the tower started leaning
They need to exit don't let the grind past you by
I run laps round lames with my shoes untied
I jump the line walk in and watch the crowd divide
at me 
Pull your panties to the side 

I know this girl with boots on she's turned on by wearin G strings 
She likes her thongs with my fingers all
The ghost of Mandela, hope my flows they propel it
Let these words be your earth and moon you consume every message
As I lead this army make room