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"What's your favorite scary movie?"
[Eminem]Yo, Slim Shady!
[Royce]	Yo, Royce 5-9
[Eminem]Y'all want to make a movie?
[Royce]	What..
"What's your favorite scary movie?"
[Eminem]Yo, Slim Shady!
[Royce]	Yo, Royce 5-9
[Eminem]Y'all want to make a movie?
[Royce]	What..
"What's your favorite scary movie?"
[Eminem]Yo, Slim Shady!
[Royce]	Yo, Royce 5-9
[Eminem]Y'all want to make a movie?
[Royce]	What..
"What's your favorite scary movie?"
[Eminem]Yo, Slim Shady!
[Royce]	Yo, Royce 5-9
[Eminem]Y'all want to make a movie?
[Royce]	What..
Alright, look
I seen these guys backstage, I'm gonna say it right now
There isn't a group in the rap game today, that lyric for lyric
Can out-rap
a elephant
I move cars like spinnin rims
I'm in a class all by myself like the brown Eminem
Not to down Eminem, I fuck black bitches
Fuck white bitches, nigga
attached to


Jump a little higher
Live by fire die by fire
I am the dog in the manger
Or a dodgy brown packet with suspicious-looking wires
Parody of "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (Traditional)
New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd/Chris "P. Cream" Clark/ Cledus Crap Anthems(SESAC)/Of Music, Inc.
so watched by these rich boxes
So why should I lose all my rich sponsors
I'm gone then you suddenly hip hoppin'
Shit, sip the gin then I'm in the wind
This ain't beef man
I don't know what the fuck to call it
But no beef
Whattup X?

I float like big spirit in this bitch I'm ghostly
[ VERSE 3: Brother Ali ]
Brother Ali backstage pacin (Why is that?)
He tryin to take control of his situation
He's a million miles from home and his
A friend called me up today
I was waiting by the phone
He said, æ??y the way, thereæ?¯ a should go.?

Theyæ?£l pick me up around 8
Who forgot
Hypnotic in a 
Two thousand by three thousand mile box
Thirty five year olds lost in a x box

Playstation and videos

So that's
Yeah, adult Hip Hop 25 and older put your hands up
Rich Nice where you at baby? Whoo!
I go by the name Bobby Bronson
Yeah, this is Disturbing
six more velours draws feather skin
Hair cutted up hollering
Seven through 3 sixes know we hate a devil where your ? my dick
Can't stand the others
'cause I may have drowned 
Hotel notepad, three pens for five dollars 
Black, red and blue, recommended by scholars 
On foot, talking loud and telling
won't sail 
Cause I'm not captain let them know from the start 
I let you break me off but I won't let you 
Break my heart 

[Slim Kid3]
So I'm
she was third row center coolin'
She was cold

Last note of the last song
House lights up they came on
When I looked she was gone
It was a 3rd row
lost her backstage pass and the room key
Then got stopped by hotel security
And I spent the whole night lonely
And it was a hotel heartbreak
It ain't a needle in a vein
It ain't backstage sex
It ain't lines of cocaine on a private jet,
It ain't havin' a posse full of hangers on following
of creflo
Like how the hell he supposed to know

I see they ass

Runnin to the radio
And the tv issues and views
Shaped by one sided news
Got us like
Yeah, tonight he's bound for the Opry
By the backstage door, he'll wait in the darkness
Like he did so long, in Coldwater Tennessee

The crowd
audio on mp3 
And show the whole world how you gave Eminem V.D. (scream) 
I'm sick of you little girl and boy groups all you do is annoy me 
So I've
bumped by the finest, 3X in my mouth shinin
Backstage Donna Karan shades, crushed diamonds
I'm climbin, 2 the top like Pac when I rhyme
Follow my path
to the Porsche's with the wides on it
'Fore you snitches bitch, you better put your lives on it
Get you twisted by the ? with them wires on it
I get my money