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It's like a fuckin' army marchin' in back of me
So many lives I touch, so much anger aimed
In no particular direction
Just sprays and sprays
cleaned my ears, and he shampooed my hair
Eric was fly - shit, I used to steal his gear
I was the baby boy, I could do no wrong
Yeah it's goin past fast
shampooed my hair
Eric was fly, shit, I used to steal his gear
I was the baby boy, I could do no wrong
Yeah it's goin past fast, let's move along
Eric was fly, shit, I used to steal his gear
I was the baby boy, I could do no wrong
Yeah it's goin past fast, let's move along
Kitchen table, that's
(Don't look back!) 

Through the wind and storm I'll carry on 
To a new land where the sun will dawn 
In the wind and storm I'll raise my head 
on a dream to follow what it means

Was interrupted by this chicken that I used to cluck wit
Back in the days when I was movin' much shit, "What up chick?"
School to know that
But I can rap so f*** school
I'm too cool to go back
Gimme the mic
Show me where the f***in' studios at
When I was underground
We hope he comes back.
He's our dog.

Yes, I think he's gone,
and that's too bad.

He was a good dog.

Repeat chorus.

Ahh, hello big
Tracing back my steps in time
All I do is think about you Charlotte
And the love is left behind
I first saw Paris in Soho when I was thirteen
the Mobb was deep
That hung the Son of Man who died just to bring back the lost sheep
On all streets all peeps naughty by nature
Whether you biggie or small
minister in a sinister part of town
I pray if jesus is calling you that you would be found

Eric used to go to bible study as a kid
He got older
stand by it today
John Lee Hooker for president

When I was 25 and so full of life
John Lee took me by the hand
In a GTO we did go into the fiery
I can't decide
Where the story begins or it dies
On the way back from your heart to mine
Where time passes by
I can't stop if I tried
Well I
the night 
Sometimes I fight 
Like I'm the ghost of Eric Wright 
Compton is where I dwell 
It's like hell 
Slangin' the shit that got the smokers 

But this is where we belong
Where you and I were meant to be from now on
Made by the Father to live in His love
It's the purpose and plan for
and it was on 
Number 1 song after number 1 song 
Long as my motherfuckin' pockets was fat 
I didn't give a fuck where the bitch was at 
But she was
be fast on the draw
Live by the gun or die by the law
Shot of whiskey I'll be on my way
Back in the saddle pull on the reins
Spurs to the beast
was given me
By a girl i used to know
I guess i read it front to back
Fifty times or so

Now you hold this piece of glass
Up to the light that's
Each face that flashes back to mind
Seems as it was untouched by time
I can't recall quite all the names
Each one is precious all the same
No Limit mercenary 
No tellin how bad it get, because the worse will vary 
I heard you make em worry, that this for the loot 
They intimidated by
motherfuckers hit the ceiling
(I never knew I)

I don't do black music, I don't do white music
I make fight music, for high school kids
I put lives at risk,
Once upon a time ago, long before commercialized
Beats became sysnthesized and little girls were mezmerized
There was one mic and one light in
A live burning force
Forever more and evermore 
Got to go back to the trees
Where my art was born
And I was duly sworn
To be alive To be alive
A live
bitches 6 feet deep
My mental status destroyed
'Cause I was touched by the hands of tha sick

But I swear with a passion
I'm a put 6 shots in this
Rakim throwed slit by Eric B's knife
Damn, three kisses gettin iller than I thought
Playin the back on the law, so I won't get caught
Wonder where Yogi