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look and listen 

Take a step back and watch the black pearl glisten 

[Kool Keith] 


For the 2000 (2000) 

Black Elvis (Black Elvis) 

We get raw with this (hand me my guitar) 

Tour bus packed (tour
[Kool Keith] 

I got skill  you're on my tip  now back off 

Slack off  let me do this  and y'all turn the wack off 

The radio stereo here we go
featuring 50 Grand  Keith Murray 

Yo DJ Honda  HAI 

Keith Murray  HAI 

L.O.D.  HAI 

50 Grand  HAI 

Redman  HAI 

Erick Sermon
like ? but the clown keep on wylin'

[Chorus: x2]

[Kool Keith]
The last ranger, ? yo smokey bear
Got that black night truck
With wack MC's in my
around at my so called friend
Light skin to the brown
The black
Here we go again
Homey over there knows Keith an
But he be thiefin'
I don't trust him
Flying through the air with green eyes

Hook (x4)

Keith Murray talking outro:
Yeah, yeah yeah, watch your back black. Don't even step up, word is
[ Keith Murray ]
Yo, hey yo, I step out the shell like a black pearl
But come to destroy you of all worlds
I eat you inside out like stress
The best,
The blunt, I split that, bust a four wit the kick back
No need to stress that chickenhead nigga, already hit that

[Keith Murray]
I put the pow in the wow
Niggas can't hold me back 
We ain't comin' for no bullshit
Niggas talking all that yackedy yack, word up

Here's to Mrl Keith Murray 
The Mr.
stretch marks, with black girl asses
Upscale extravagant, no autographs
Tell the Backstreet Boys I'm arrogant
Lady singers and rappers, I'm Keith
I caught the next guy runnin by wit the metal hook (BOO-AHH!!) 
Blew his back open, blood gushed on my face 
A bitch fainted 'cause she seen I
it I got it then shot it it's hot up in your dome
Peace with the chrome piece that I pack
Remember fuck around and catch a Mack to your back

Catch me by the pool in my Tony Starks slippers
Wonder Woman armed Ghost is intelligent
Made thirty offa Def Jam I was killing 'em
Did cash
For those that thought I wouldn't be back 
With that bone chillin' horror killin' all on goin' drama
Save the rah rah for your mama
the chill
And he said he heard the angels singing 'Cabin on the Hill'
Through the springtime he was groaning 'The good times are past and gone'
Out the door, hit the interstate, who sound state
Snatchin' up Keith, a transplant from the tri-state
Jheri curls, with finger waves, all
[Kool Keith]
One two.. Smut Peddlers
Cool Keith.. in the place
(I stays actin like that!)

Pose for TV in lightning dub fashion
Then I'll be back for me, I'm Sure, like Al B. 
Go Uptown, smoke quarter-pounds at the Dungeon 
Keith Murray meets me at the spot with
plus they jerkin my space
Shouted cause they chase when I strut out
Sift through my block I'm c-cool
She's my mood to brace
Stole my mind back black
[Kool Keith]
Yeah man, I just got home man... yeah
I was on tour with Prince and them
I did 32 shows with James Brown
Madonna just got home too, we
Lovely lady  girl you drive me crazy 

[Kool Keith] 

I know this girl with her own crib  in isolation 

She's from Puerto Rico  half black
Two-thousand-three baby, Kool Keith, I'm up in here
Very different - and he wants to talk to you
Admire his immaturity

Took you away to better
the black gat
Who out there I swear boy want to get touched
Roll up, and catch a slug to the chest, so DUCK
I talk the talk, walk the walk, now nigga
Lovely lady  girl you drive me crazy 

[Kool Keith] 
I know this girl with her own crib  in isolation 
She's from Puerto Rico  half black