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broomstick rhythm

You're dressed in red
Your hair [would had a] brush on fire
To make leaves dress up dead
Ordered to parade
Swayed by broomstick rhythm
the nights I've waited at home by the phone
Hoping it will ring ding-a-ding-ding-a-ding-ding

Ring a-ding-ding-ding
The rhythm goes
Ring a-ding-ding-ding
the freedom of the white line
When I´m there I can´t go wrong
The rhythm of the highway keeps me rollin´ along

Well I heard that song for the first time
We always wear a great big smile we never do look sour
Travel all over the country playing by the hour
Take me back to Tulsa...
Bobbito's in the house!
I gotta say one thing, y'all been great playin the real shit
why'know, all this radio shit, this flower shit you be hearin
the victims of our own creation
Chasing rainbows that are painted black or white
Watch the struggle of our temptation
Instincts barely keeping us alive

Ching a chong ching ching

Gorilla go bang bang ____________ling ling
Gorilla go bang bang ____________ling ling

Great white hunter
He shoot gun gun
a great white hope
Do you give up things that you love?
And the pressure's building 'til it takes you whole
Can you go back on your own word?

God it's sexy!)
This this step steppers come and steppers swingin
Most blacks back back-up what the hell we bringin
G-fine nearly singin, my rhythm hit
The mighty observer who keeps his cabinets hot
A great meeting of rhythm and face
A humming of values and a children's place
But the sticks man gives
And looking back on the great indifference
Looking back at the limestone wall
Thinking how beauty deceives you
Knowing how love fools us all

A golden boy in
And I am black
Jesus and his lawyer
Are coming back
Oh my darling
Will you be here
Before I sputter out
Before I sputter out
Before I sputter out
is white
And I am black
Jesus and his lawyer
Are coming back
Oh my darling
Will you be here
Before I sputter out [Repeat: x3]

Guess who's
Life is white and I am black
Jesus and his lawyer
Are coming back oh my darling
Will you be here?

Before I sputter out
Before I sputter out
by day
But I spent my night time fighting tears back
I prayed and prayed and left messages but never got no hear back
Or so it seemed
A mustard
Glory is on our way[?]
Worship the sun, Great Spirit.
Born of the mother earth,
Seek for the true white brother.
We are the chosen people, give
Restaurant, there's a picture hanging there
Of a petrified Italian with escargot in his hair
And there's a big, white horse rug lying by the door
And I'm
the time grinds to a halt
Seconds assault
Rush the earth on by
Planet, spin!
Tell me just how long's it been?

How long has it been
Since you let me
White Stallions

yesterday I saw my face
Pictured in the sky
As I gazed upon myself
My whole life flashed by
I heard the sound
lives way back down the hollow
I take her by her lily white hair
And into the woods we wonder
Her daddy was a river man
As mad as a hatter
Her mama
great in her heyday

I'm sometimes trapped by the close confines
Of the age I'm born into
Though there were others worse than mine
Well, I miss what
The scary one is back with clothes so white and clean;
And her face that's coated with a quarter inch of cream-cold cream
She's the one who
of routine
Scans his dials and smiles
Secure in the beauty of military life

There is no right or wrong
Only tin cans and cordite and white cliffs
And you won’t play long but you’ll soon be back
Sounding out the rhythm of your heart

With practice you will fly with ease like a bird
There are songs
the boos, I never drank booze
        Cause I just rock the rhythm, left alone the blues
        The L.I. mystique, You sneak to peek
        A look and then