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I'll start by holding your heart close to me.

I know just what she'll do,
Her kind is never true,

He can't take
Strait on tape is great for any trucker
Out on Highway 101, let's hear some Tanya Tucker
Kenny and Dolly, Travis Tritt or Marty Stuart
They know
"Cledus would you look into your crystal ball"
I said "I'd love to boys, but I got Tanya Tucker on hold,
Gotta go."


Now I got a new career
every thug, every thug, need a gangsta gyal fi hug
You done know a mi dat gat you back baby!

No matter how mi out a road a wuk the rest
Well my
cannot again return home
Left Voice (Morrison, Tucker)
Razzamatazz, there's nothing on my shoulder, lust is a must, shaving my head's made me bolder,
My eyes go where I say so but not always
And not when you walked by
And my feet move where I tell them to
But not when they are chasing after you
and take, holding back for Heaven's sake
And fighting for a week and making up
I said please Becky won't you marry me
Prom night in my car out by the curb
out of town
In an upstairs apartment, that was three corners down
Click spot for my round
Jeff used to scope pounds
Tanya ran into me, her and Amber
on two feet
While I make the hotties move to the hip-hop beat
You know it's realer killer, realer than you can imagine
Using every source of pain in my
on the block and i'm surrounded by crime) 

yo, aiyyo, shit, yo, check the drama, that was my little nigga hama 

he said he just got some power-you from
It's a hard life
Never let yourself get down
You may never get back
You may never ever turn it round
You may say it took you by surprise
friends get with me and my friends
But don't bring your ass by and you ain't got no ends
Word is bond it don't stop
Just ease your mind, come along
n****s I'm gone, yeah
Damn you all that, I'm talkin' bout when she text me I call back
I go to her apartment 'n' fall back
She attack my heart, heart
niggas I'm gone, yeah
Damn you all that, I'm talkin' bout when she text me I call back
I go to her apartment 'n' fall back
She attack my heart, heart
I don't get upset
'Cause I don't get upset
'Cause I don't get upset

Here it is verse trace back at my place
The scene was set because I set it before
Watching my back again or I could die
Out on the street again I'm riding high
Worried 'bout anything that passes by
Back on my feet again I'm flying high
Back On My Feet Again
The Babys
(J. Waite, Bugatti, Musker)

I was so lonely until I met you
Told myself I'd get by without love
Drownin' my sorrows
And here we go again
(here we go again)
Well it's blow by blow

Blow by blow
Well it's blow by blow
I'm back on my feet again
(i'm back
This is my mother fucking house, eh I'm by the front door
Here about a blond haired bitch name Sisco
She'll do anything for daddy man the bitch go
I must go, but finally stayed

Gloria, the last taboo
Was shattered by her tongue one night
Mimi brought the taboo back
And held it up before
do is drink, smoke an' fuck
All we wanna do is drink, smoke an' fuck

There's Tanya, there's Sandra
Oh, shit, there goes my cousin's baby's mamma
They see me shinin in the limelight
They see me shinin by myself and they say that I ain't right
Why is it that I had to grind on my own baby
V12 yeah
When you happened by my open eyes could see, 
My sleeping hands awoke and almost reached, 
I was full of life till you walked on by 
Then I went
to kill the heat
Oh these burning shoes

One day they'll find me in pieces,
By the side of the track
Smoke trail behind me,
Flames from my back
Burn by love I taste the memories
I lick my wounds with pride
Count my days and nights in misery
Fueled by this rage inside
I can't look back