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Brighton Hill, where the sky changes its color 
Hopes are high, there's no other place I'd rather be 
Find your dream by a tree out in the meadow
the fence to garble(?)
Yeah now baby, gal, I believe I change town
Yeah I'm down so low baby, ooh Lord girl
I declare I'm lookin' up at down

The men in

This was a night like no other night
There were campfires on the hill
Our hearts were full of wonder
Everything felt so
You know this,have faith in spring
And in above and everything
Keep the curtains open
Push the window wide
Let the early morning tumble inside
the suffering is
I want to get out of town
C’mon baby give me a kiss
Stop writing everything down

Both of us say there are laws to obey
Yeah, but frankly I
the same
We could shed our leaves, with sunlight we could grow today
When the seasons change

Winter, spring, summer to the fall
Baby by now we been
change for you
(I don't care what my friends say
I'll change for you
An' I won't make you pay

'Cause everything reminds me of you
A baby's feet, an old
Everything will be OK
If you do it my way (my way, my way)
Hush baby

I can feel ya pain
Like we Siamese twins connected by our brains
Walkin' through
can change my world by changing your mind
[ guitar - steel ]
Mine is a world of desolation everything I cared about is gone
Only you can change
Oh oh oh

But I'm here by grace

Oh oh oh

Through Christ by faith

Oh oh oh

I had to make that choice, I had to open up my mouth and say
and hold an old friend's hand
Around and around with you I've been
flat on the ground and up again
nobody know for sure just when
everything changes
Baby, you can call on me
I been waitin' for you in the lost and found
Baby, you can call on me
I got an angel on my shoulder
I got the devil by my
at birth and one at Shiloh
Now they're on a hill long forgotten
Carved in stone

Years go by and everything changes
But nothing does
Standing by a strength of my own
But every time the morning breaks
I know I'm closer to falling

I'm all out of love, all out of faith
I would give
cast my own stones
Oh oh oh

I'm the man in the mirror y'all
Oh oh oh
I can see my wall
Oh oh oh
But I'm here by grace
Oh oh oh
Through Christ by faith
are pointing to strawberry fields
Walrus keeps singing to fools on the hill
Now I stop and wonder
If yesterday has passed me by

can still change your mind 

Oh and I t gets harder by the minute girl 
Oh it gets harder every day 
Listen to me darlin', oh you don't have to wait
Ain't nothing even like a teletransporter so far

It's hard times in the new millenium
Gettin' by on just the bare minimum
Everything to lose
and climb baby, climb
To the hill up above

Now you can play a queen on the hill built on a dream
While our children play in the field
I can smoke
if it's new, its in the past.
Everything goes by so fast.
Upstaged by the supporting cast.
don't ask the girlfriend to throw it away,
It'll be in
can still change your mind
You can still change your feelings
Just hold tight, everything's gonna be alright
If you can change your mind
You can
I'm all out of faith
I would give anything just for a taste
But everythings's here all out of place
Losing my memory and
Saving my face

we want
We can have baby
If we both want it bad enough, I know
Everything we want
We can have baby
But we must build our faith and trust, our love
A felling inside 
In the back of my head 
Like a song I still know 
From so long ago 
And I wouldn't change a thing 
Like a car driving by
on, shake your rag doll, baby
Before you change your mind
Then come on, when the rapture takes me
Will you be by my side


So come on,