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B-e-a-utiful (Megan Nicole) · Megan West Swingin' Big Band (Megan West) · Das Beste von Nicole (Nicole) · Nicole's Streicheleinheiten (Nicole) · Britt Nicole (Britt Nicole) · Britt Nicole (Britt Nicole) · Nicole C. Mullen (Nicole C. Mullen) · Redeemer: The Best of Nicole C. Mullen (Nicole C. Mullen) · Nicole Renee (Nicole Renee) · Nicole C. Mullen (Nicole C. Mullen) – and 6 other albums »

Call me beautiful 
Call me b-e-a-utiful

Friday night she wore his jersey to the game
In the front row screaming out his name
As he turns
yo, checking how they came for me

(This is it, B)

Kinda brief from the gold teeth era,
Bro dreaming on C.R.E.A.M.
Complimentaries and beef
shit together
How Laverne, she always wanted to be like me
And dress like me and look like me

And Nicole, it's like she lived in my house
Askin' me for
Whattup? I'm Shanice, don't remember me?

[Lil' Kim]
She called me by my government name, Kimberly
Who sent you?

[Lil' Shanice]
My mom sent me; her
the grain, under twenty five, gettin' this change 
A C.E.O. at twenty-fo', holdin' it down for that Texas mayne 
Mike Jones, Nicole Wray, we stay