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I sit home and make flower bouquets and listen to Joni Mitchell

Try modulating and articulating all the feelings that I have for you
Dr. rock,
was a beautiful child,
Dr. Abe Sacrabin sought to it that Kevin was trained by the best in all
Aspects of performing, his voice was golden 
And had
Yo! My name is Dr. Alban, the MD, microphone doctor
This song is dedicated to the people of Africa
Swe Mix gimme some drums
Yo! African people, unite
Morning came and so did they, flying
Questions from the police
I'm waiting here in an ambulance for
Dr. landau
To return and tell me why they're
three, Lord I'm four
I'm 500 miles away from home
Not a shirt on my back
Not a penny to my name

Lord I can't go back this a'way
This a'way, this
They get better than that she don't care who I bone
Long as I treat her right and bring my black ass home

Hey the name is Alban baby but call me
liberated by this monster I created
Dr. Frankenstein

[Mr. Short Khop]
We love to bump you Frankenstein
Yo' shit is the best
Take my body and my mind

Strangers by the door
Camp-tired and sore
Come counting on kindness
For those who have strayed away

Every mile you roam
Ten thousand from home
And long
you belong.
Get your rest by the water,
Our body's getting hotter,
We be drumming to the early morn'

Now break it down slow,
Where I'm from, girl, is
Want to buy (a Kleenex used by Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre)
(Found it on eBay)

Want to buy (that Farrah Fawcett poster)
(Pez dispensers and a toaster)
she ever spoke to you,
But it's something she can never do.
Cause it's only by herself that she'll find out
What makes her different from the rest.
Hallelujah by and by I'll fly away

When the shadows of this life have flown
I'll fly away
Like a bird from prison bars has flown
I'll fly away
By David Allan Coe

Dedicated to Dr. Martin Scheid who saved my life when my appendix busted in Houston, and to all the people who came to my last
Straps? Bring the hook in
Doctor won't you come and help me take this pain away, away away.

Doctor give me what I need to get
{you were perpetratin, you was fake}
[Chorus: repeat 4x]
Spottin fools frontin fly, girls act material
{you live at home with your mom!}
[dr. dooom]
Hallelujah by and by I'll fly away

When the shadows of this life have flown
I'll fly away
Like a bird from prison bars has flown
I'll fly away
All give me something to remember you by
When you are far away from me

Some little something meaning love cannot die
No matter where you chance
He didn't take anything from me
Apart from my precious faith
In everyone's honesty

He had money enough to spend
But back home he had a girl
Friday night we'll be drinking manashevitz
Going out to terrorize goyem
Stomping shagitz, screwing shicksas
As long as we're home by Saturday
When I die, hallelujah, by and by
I'll fly away.

When the shadows of this life grow have grown
I'll fly away
Like a bird from prison bars has
a spotlight
A star up in the night sky
The kind of thing that takes your breath away
Her eyes sparkled like that diamond
With love beaming from 'em
The kind
by your name
I am a little beggarman and beggin´ I have been
In Dr. Johnson´s motorcar I´ll take you home Kathleen

I´ve been a wild rover
weary come home
Softly and tenderly calling
Home, come on home
So don't be afraid of the darkness
And don't run away from the storm
Stand up
she's the only thing in the whole wide world
That ever made me feel this fine
Oh, and anything that takes me away from her
Is nothing but a waste of my

My farm down on Cimarron
Now all around the world
Where ever dust is swirled
There is some from my Oklahoma home

Oh and it's blown away