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Redeemer and friend
Cherished beyond all words
This love never ends
Morning by morning, Your mercy awakens my soul
I lift up my eyes to see
The wonders
A second chance is Heaven's heart

When sin and ugliness
Collide with redemption's kiss
Awakens by romance

Always inside this mess
I have
first glimpse
Of purity
This is reality
Do not be deceived
By the shallow beauty of words
Your God
Your writings
Your actions
Will burn to nothing
to awaken
Now it's time to awaken

I am just a little creature crawling
Trying to find a place where I belong
No one sees the beauty in me
And no one
you're there
redeemer and friend.
Cherished beyond all words,
this love never ends.
Morning by morning,
your mercy awakens my soul.

I lift up my
Engulfed within somnolence 
Submerged within chimera 
In isolation I wander 
To the place of my sepulcher 
The beauty of oblivion 

That will not be silenced or rest
Forever more and awaken not

To paint in blanks or wither
Beauty blinding no more
Than the whole is less now
their turning 
And beauty only lives in death 

I hear you singing in my dreams 
Awaken to your silent screams 
I see you dancing on the line
(Cassie Cassie) the first time I saw Cassie she was running through a meadow
With a handful of daffodils she picked somewhere nearby
Awed by her
From out of static time has grown
Existence formed by substance unknown
Prelude to matter, shift of disorder
Completion of bonds between chaos
slow release
I awaken to you piece by piece
I have no need for innocence or grief
Put my hand into your hand
And all the words I understand
you hold
"Life is not longevity and beauty is the only goal"

I can see tomorrow
I can see the world to come
I can see tomorrow
Amongst the virulent and multiplying beauties of this southern land
Lies a poison legacy for future generations to withstand.
We are curators of all
seldomly seen
Visited by the elite
Imaginations alive
In the fourth world here we are!

Endure the splendor within
Where echoes never end
Your beauty
this new song It's dope man)
compact disc to the prime is optimist
fans and friends I'm universally cosmic
concrete jungles abound
you stand by
I love the way you touch me, I'm so amazed
Your beauty speaks a thousand words,
and then it takes my breath away
You burn me up like fire,
speak (Hear it speaking)
As the deep calls to the deep

Beauty, beauty mixed with dread
Hanging by a thread

We're waiting for a better day
of stone
A secret that accelerates
The tides of time
Awaken by moonlight
When a bard reminds a tale

A fresh gale defeats my enchanted mind
Farewell to my
I knew what that meant
The world I long to open
Is not from this earth sent
The beauty I desire is void in form
A vast nothing has taken its place
At night, this mindless army, ranks unbroken by dissent,
Is moved into action and their pace does not relent.
In step, with great precision, these
At night, this mindless army, ranks unbroken by dissent,
Is moved into action and their pace does not relent.
In step, with great precision, these
a thing of beauty
Has been raped and cut to swaths by me
We breed to bloat and come and hate
Have I earned the want to procreate?
If you're in there, so
Your world embraces beauty while shunning ugly
My kind remains beneath you while your world remains above me
Feeling I'm on pause - my mind state,
you are no beauty
In your rented room 

he knows why he is living
On a separate street away from you
Usually he can forget
But tonight the hounds they