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Celine Dion
Titanic Song makes me want to moan
And if I hear another love ballad
I think I'm gonna have to toss my salad and

I hate teen idols
a cover

I hate pop songs
I hate pop songs
I hate pop songs
I hate pop songs

lala, lala, lalalalalalalala

I hate Celine Dion
Titanic Song makes me wanna
Masseuse, wedding ring on, loving Celine Dion.
Hate rap, told me where she get caked at.
Shes a part time danca, part time romanca.
Tries to be a mother
a chaffeur drivin me around 

in the green Rolls Royce, parked parallel, on Fifth Avenue 

Steppin in Bloomingdale's, waitin for Celine Dion to get her
on now

Come on you

Toi, viens avec moi
Et pends-toi a mon bras
Je me sens si seul
Sans ta voix, sans ton corps
Quand tu n'es pas la

Viens! viens pres de
Still Lex knows
Gasoline jumper on with the most fly livest Gortex made in Mexico 
Bricks Fifteen Five
Celine Dion ties
Two Thousand dollar bubble
There's a whole lot of magic
When you're in Paris
And I swear I've never seen
So many pretty women go by
And I can't stop from dancing
Like angels bestial-eyed shall I
Come to your chamber by and by,
And bed beside you, but without
A sound, as night shades draw about.

and high, I'm out with the guys
A smile on my face, no reason to cry

I love you all the time

I can tell by that look in your eye
You're looking
Et de la non-communication
[and of non-communication]
Avec calme et brio il est objet d'admiration
[with calm and brio he's subject to admiration]
de tise dans mon verre

When we hang around, with never the same girls
Turn on the sound, we're blowing the whole world
You got this! What you want