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He became the Macedon King
And he swore to free all of Asia Minor
By the Aegian Sea
In 334 B.C.
He utterly beat the armies of Persia

of nineteen
He became the Macedon king
And he swore to free all of Asia minor
By the Aegean sea
In 334 b.c.
He utterly beat the armies of persia
aura she want a shot caller
Wanna be with a baller shot caller
Can tell by her aura she wanna shot caller
Wanna be with a baller shot caller
Can tell
All last night we were learning
Drank our cheques by the bar
Somewhere bridges were burning
As the walls came down at the Star
Squad cars fanned
[Planet Asia]
Cali Breeze, Planet Asia
Cali Breeze
Through the mist, I stays true to this
No matter what the opportunist consuming, confuse me not
Of the ambience, of the poem...
It darkens my soul to revel
with the beast of alter ego

Blind belief...
Burning in the aura
of our satanic
I am a picture of myself
Always somewhere outside aura
And like reflections in the mirror
It shines no more!

Wrapped in the complete NOTHING
bars of death, yeah


[ad libbed outro by Asia's hype man]
I'm tired of living in Asia,
I'm tired of walking alone.
I'm thinking of crossing the border.
Whoa, to a new romance,

New romance,
There's a leafless tree in Asia.
Under the sun there's a homeless man.
There's a forest fire in the valley
Where the story all began.

What will
of southeast Asia
I can see El Salvador
I hear the cries of children
And the other songs of war
It's like a mighty melody
That rings down from the sky
Reflections, of the river passing by
Reflections, of the place between the sky
It's too black, casting shadows
On the bridges built so close
the shade of longing 

For failure comes in many disguises, vicious flaws entombed by prose 
Then let this grave hold their only secret, 
Sightless wisdom
head legion
Using steel nails manufactured by the slaves in Asia

You won't fall for that law and order is a baton in the rib
You won't fall for that
faceless creatures
Mesmerized by its aura

Blood boils in veins
Shadows spy on their masters
Strange scent in the air
Betrays the pray to hunters
remember me forever you know?
God by nature mind raised in Asia, you know?

But umm, it's like you know to live forever you you you gotta
Set you know, not
broke through 
The blazing sky, up above 
The aura of the moment 
Invasion from above 

The conflict still lay up ahead 
Where cowards fear to tread
to go now
Going deeper that Asia up to Navajo now
My head's full of mischief like Pandora's box now
If you want to get in you'll have to cut my locks now
Blurred by the serpents temptation
...I drank the passions of those lost in the paradox...
Entangled in a swirling black aura of united burning chaos
path will die today 
By my AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) 

Have you ever spent one day on my block?!
Retired from the game, took another path

Destination ninety five dirty south
Where the Devil tried to realter my route
Creator took me by the hand
your breath
 They kill their enemies by loving them to death
 We were on some battlefield
 I felt something soft go through my shield
 I felt
it's hungry Europe, barren Asia
And bountiful Africa

So you see now, you know who is first
Well, I'n'I could never be the worst

Third world people
Things gettin' hard but we're still grindin' up
(To stay true) to all my niggas
We done came up and cop cribs by the river
Before the Feds came down
For the soul that's tired of search
As years pass by
The aura drops
As less and less
Feelings touch
Has won too much
The hopeless