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Peter performs this song by leading the audience to sing along. 
He divides them into three groups, each with their own part. 
The lyrics are
a hutch for nine new weeks
The audience is waiting
Its audience is waiting
Its audience is waiting
Its audience is waiting
And it will catch my toes
It will
I wanna-wanna I wanna think that stuff.

You wanna what?

Think it.

You wanna think it?

Yeah, right.

Why don't you
Or maybe not
It takes time and time flies by
Too close for comfort
It's a scary feeling and I like it
It's a scary feeling but it's mine.
Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm the lie you use
Surrounded by snakes and talking sharks
Be mindful the words you choose

Their eyes
I'm hypnotized by rituals
Now that I am on my own
Tranquilized like an animal
All because I lost control

Are you tuning in to our conversation
2:carissimo pubblico
3:distinguished audience
4:calorosissimo pubblico [I find this more correct -jk]
1:buanas sera gia stella matto
2:buona sera ?????????
The following material has been rated next
By the Divine Mill association
It is intended for a mature audience
Parental discretion is advised
My audience calls me
And though it may be
Once in my lifetime
I'm gonna do anything

For once in my lifetime
I feel like a giant
I soar like
If I knew for sure that I had a soul
I'd sell it right now
for the chance to experience
Mother Earth's last gasp before she sinks
{repeated by audience through rest of song}
Say what? {x7}
Uh huh
as the audience. For me, a journalist called Ruth Streeting has become a symbol for the press and the establishment. They can't accept that a shit like me has value.
To open up my life for me
I don't need no audience
To shoot you in my cunning sense

I don't think you understand
What's that dripping in your
of every year
Help me seize the moment now
And make the music last.

'Cause every melody is a symphony
For an audience of one.
That's when I realize
this next tune is going out to all gingers in the audience
this is for you
I'd advise you not to go out in the sun

(speaker does band
an audience's whim
He lives by a code
Known only to him
And eh doesn't make money
to Buy watches and cars
Cause there's no time and no place to go
For a man
I'd heard in the past
For I had an audience somewhere inside you
That applauded whenever you laughed

Gone is a word that I now rarely use
To open up my life for me
I don't need no audience
To shoot you in my cunning sense

I don't think you understand
What's that dripping in your
an audience that loves my face
I've got an audience I call my own
I've got an audience but for the grace of God go I
Travel around the foreign towns 
your adjective
But odd as it may be
Without my 1 and 2 where would there be
My 3
Mase Pos and Me
And that's the Magic Number

Focus is formed by
And wait for the doorbell to ring

I have an audience with the Pope
And I'm saving the world at eight
But if she says she needs me
She says she needs me
But I'm just a pitiful; anonymous.

I see all the young believers;
Your target audience.
I see all the old deceivers,
And we all just sing their
i dont care if youre sick
what can i possibly do with an american library
and a contract on you
ive got six broken soldiers in the trunk of my
Between the one name Lucifer, 
And the Morning Star, The ultimate of good. 

Enveloped by a trillion planets, 
Clean as lightning and hard as granite,
the reason for
I'm just a boy in love with you
I'm rejected by the things you do
People say I got no sense
But I'm waiting for an audience with you