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"Hey yo Madlib("Who ME?") ya why don't you hit em up with that high speaking"

I gets high and start taking out wack
He became the Macedon King
And he swore to free all of Asia Minor
By the Aegian Sea
In 334 B.C.
He utterly beat the armies of Persia

of nineteen
He became the Macedon king
And he swore to free all of Asia minor
By the Aegean sea
In 334 b.c.
He utterly beat the armies of persia
[Wild Child] 

Yo  I'm Wild Child with the style that'll wreck your body  

I'm here to "Break dat party  rip dat party" 


Yo  it's
All last night we were learning
Drank our cheques by the bar
Somewhere bridges were burning
As the walls came down at the Star
Squad cars fanned
[Planet Asia]
Cali Breeze, Planet Asia
Cali Breeze
Through the mist, I stays true to this
No matter what the opportunist consuming, confuse me not
your stuff with talcum too)

Made the block gobble up ya future too
And ya hit come up in the jones on you
You go from one bag a day to two,
on a track
Conducted by Madlib invade ya face like blah
Bring it back as I rock it slow, with my lip socket lyrics,
scratch as I rock a show with simultaneous
bars of death, yeah


[ad libbed outro by Asia's hype man]
I'm tired of living in Asia,
I'm tired of walking alone.
I'm thinking of crossing the border.
Whoa, to a new romance,

New romance,
rare when you hear
A Madlib drum, bass kick, snare
Wild Child compiles styles down for your ear
LP for you and yours, loud and clear

When the first
Every day, another buck, another hustle
Cakin up, rake in ducks by the busloads
Wakin up, gotta go for the gusto
Ain't shit up but showin how to touch
There's a leafless tree in Asia.
Under the sun there's a homeless man.
There's a forest fire in the valley
Where the story all began.

What will
of southeast Asia
I can see El Salvador
I hear the cries of children
And the other songs of war
It's like a mighty melody
That rings down from the sky
head legion
Using steel nails manufactured by the slaves in Asia

You won't fall for that law and order is a baton in the rib
You won't fall for that
remember me forever you know?
God by nature mind raised in Asia, you know?

But umm, it's like you know to live forever you you you gotta
Set you know, not
day slavery run by racists 
While you're actin' like you got a chip on your brain 
You don't want to see a nigga succeed without no pain 
Off others'
to go now
Going deeper that Asia up to Navajo now
My head's full of mischief like Pandora's box now
If you want to get in you'll have to cut my locks now
missed me by an inch 	
Then it blasted in the pay phone
Then I jet to the west to get my bulletproof vest
From Madlib
A void rhyme entering my chest
one of these
Like, no dose, coke up in ya nose
Some weed up in ya lungs
The heroin in your vains
You know, sober just by saying the name
It's all
path will die today 
By my AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) AK!!! (Gunshot!!!) 

Have you ever spent one day on my block?!
Retired from the game, took another path

Destination ninety five dirty south
Where the Devil tried to realter my route
Creator took me by the hand
Ayo, I sparkdala, you sparkdala
Everyday anyway yo, I sparkdala

(Ayo Madlib, explain to these people why you 
So dedicated to that tree you've
Live from California it's the Madlib Invasion, let's go!

This exercise in freedom is called The Liberation
I keep it fly by a process of elimination
it's hungry Europe, barren Asia
And bountiful Africa

So you see now, you know who is first
Well, I'n'I could never be the worst

Third world people