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As long as daddy knows that his son does sweat
The same as he did for that unjust check
I'll sleep fine and a child will come
With the same last
dropped in to have a cup of coffee friend
Jack yodel for me one more time fore I go to sleep

I sure like to hear you yodel Jack Elliot
a rhyme drinking moonshine
I pour a sip on the concrete, for the deceased
But no don't weep, Wyclef's in a state of sleep
Thinking bout the robbery that I
I'm kicking up dust on an empty street 
Waiting for John, Brian and Liz 
Already been stopped by the police 
They're getting kicks, I'm feeling
This is the christmas story as told by my drunk grandpa. Many years ago in hepsaba a child was born to Fred and Doris Ombree he was a very speciel
not told so I hold a swollen tongue
In Detroit I don't go by P, I'm Colemen Young
Holdin one with the tongue flow like Tiger Woods
Christina don't do it
With yellow eyes  my green face  my pink and white afro 
I'm no toy kid  your style is made by Hasbro 
G'niff gnapp  you think you got that real
Don't hurt me none, don't hurt my pride
'Cause I got my little lady right by my side.
(Right there
Proud as can be)

I's out there paintin'
the yard
He's still a cat in most respects
He likes to meow and purr
But now I introduce him as the cat
That wrote Richard the third
I took him to see
bitches 6 feet deep
My mental status destroyed
'Cause I was touched by the hands of tha sick

But I swear with a passion
I'm a put 6 shots in this
he really blew it
Rappin' to girls one day by the dozen
And one of those girls was his girlfriend's cousin
He was so blind cause he was on a roll
Don't hurt me none, don't hurt my pride
'Cause I got my little lady right by my side.
(Right there
Proud as can be)

I's out there paintin'
Spanish with the plug havin' convos
[???] ran lips, hit the line every morning cause they know I keep the lean by the carload
In the top, hit
I select
Can be a higher threat then a man in a private jet
Flyin by ya set goin dumb fast,
Since Pun passed I ain't found an MC to admire yet
like Little Richard on the boardwalk
I'm not the one for all the small talk
I'm like Christopher Lloyd, Big Noyd
Big coins, rosemary on the strip loin
'm askin' him for forgiveness
Just for kickin' niggas out the club like Michael Richards
Yeah, I admit, I'm guilty, the way I spit is filthy
I keep it
up like cheap vodka
I smack Internet MC's and beat bloggers
You can see my Black Thought like 'Riq Trotter

Deep, go ahead and sleep, they know in
and the democrats would gloat 
But they're all amazed when Rutherford Hayes 
Wins by just one vote 

D:James Garfield, someone really hated 
Cause he was
if your still unconvinced, a last example but then I'll be finished
More hits than roy jones junior in a ten round barefisted cage match versus
A sleep