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Our comrade Cee-Lo is considered by many as a modern day Neo
And opposing forces known as agents will like him dead for what he know
He is
follow me now 
I get down for my crown with new found wreck 
And bring the noise like I'm comin to soundcheck 
The stage is clear for me to rock it 
n'em told me (yes she did) 
I say to have a choice to be who you wants to be 
Is left uppa to me, and my momma nem told me 

No, nooo,
On sometimes I got to come down from the
Trouble, from the noise and from the sound

Inna berlin city woman and man dem irie
But me overstand well how
Are we gonna shoot some cee-lo, or play a game of craps? 
Matter fact, Shane, ring the intercom 
And see if you can get ten dollars from my moms
paths on a search to be free
Suspicion felt corruption had a piece of Gotee
Success had me stressed like the G-Mo-be	
Cee-Lo's verse on "Thought Process"