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Bustin' after two minutes, I thought that shit was typical
That was probably why they never got back at a nigga so

[Hook - MURS]
Once upon a time in a land
June July I went home to live with my mom
At night I sat out to watch cicadas on the lawn
June July, confusion tennessee
Here sherman's army leveled
one on one 
This is Basik Yo checking in one two
Watch out for your whole crew
We might do them by the two's
Three's and a hundreds I got you in
touch and feel, scream and shout
Back and forth, up and down, off the course, fuck it now

(Chorus: Sung by Slug and Murs: Repeat 2X)
I can't sleep now.

[Verse 2: MURS]
Look; I'm not your average rapper talkin shit about the government
Its not that I'm lovin it; it's where I live
They tried to bomb
traditions may have cracked
 And thinned
 The good old Indian army's still a fact.
 That famous monumental man
 The Officer and Gentleman
 Still lives
Announcement 1 (track 1) 

"It has been rumored that a new People's Army has been formed by a certain 
'Commander Black'. A few minor incidents
Two ways to view the world
So similar at times
Two ways to rule the world
To justify their crimes

By kings and queens young men are sent to die
what you sayin'?)


Ya'll live for bitches and blunts
We live for weed and money

(repeat 8x)

(Master P verse 1)
I stack greens like cheese
The Fat Gangsta

Here comes the nigga from the East 
Who just been crowned for most hated by police 
The public enemy  rapper at large
you forget.
Get, get, get.
La da de dah da da, La da de da da da dow dom.

I'm in and out a pig channel serrated by hand feeders.
Army of vicious
Lord, Lord, Lord, 
Anthony B. is very polite, 
But dem say dis boy too bright. 
Remember we don't live in a communist country. 
many love and slain by bullets wit dead aim
I weathered the change.
Stormed through the streets in the range
Can't complain, a n**** live to die in da
The industry is dead, long live the king
Drop from a head shot, and it didn't feel a thing
Woke up this morning with the world in my hand
Money in
[Words and Music by Steve Rowe]

Time Crusaders

Time Crusaders, minstrels of ancient worship
Time Crusaders, tunes from the heart of God
Verse 1 :

Spirit move flood this room changing hearts igniting sparks burning bright for you. I see an army of angels arriving barely beyond
can't no one out side infiltrate this no limit organization 
so prepare yourself prepare for a battle 
chorus 2x 
real niggaz going to ride playa
Mur-mur-ma-murderous SHIT
I keep the gangsta-gangsta-gangsta
Gah-gah-ga-gangsta beat, feel me?  Uhh
I spit that Brooklyn-Brooklyn-Brook
Mur, mur, ma, murderous shit
Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh uhh

I keep the gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
Gah, gah, ga, gangsta beat, feel me? Uhh
I spit
Lives and deaths blending
The ground opened in the cemetery
Shaking crosses and graves

The two armies have been united by fire
In the mist
Let me give an example of some ol' MURS shit
My sect of mid-city is livin' on the edge
'cause there's four gangs at war and none of them wear red
One, two, three, four!

Fortune has me well in hand, armies wait at my command
My gold lies in a foreign land buried deep beneath the sand
 And thinned
 The good old Indian army's still a fact.
 That famous monumental man
 The Officer and Gentleman
 Still lives and breathes
assassinated, castles all crumble
Forever lives the legend of a poet who is humble
Words to live by, now I die by a strange code
About to kill this verse, they
We destroy and rebuild while y'all just shoot the breeze
Me and Buddha are separated by two degrees
The army gear is military and the boots are