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the hedgerow dip its wings
Doesn't hear the engine sing
But in the cockpit's techno glow
Behind the Ray Ban(R) shine

The kid from Cleveland
In the comfort
the techno rap singer by the name of Ray
Can we compromise to have a better place
Can we reach the goal to have an equal race

So amazing how things change
Techno! (Oh now that is good!)
Put a donk on it.

Ay, that's good that Tony!
Aha ha ha sick!

Baseline! (Where'd you learn that one)
Put a donk

We beat our wings
But we're not flying
We are falling, falling
Can't hear sense because we're deafened
By disorder calling
Like a dream we
on top
She's always on top
She's always on top
She's always on top
She's always on top
She's always on top
She's always on top

In my dream I was
the mother fuckin neck though
No more rappin' no need to use the Techno
My rhymes like lead bullets leavin' your set wet though
I challenge you
snatch the scratch, and laugh
So I painted me a picture
of a life, to make a dream
Can you feel me now
Ballin outta control, ballin outta control
voice keeps comin like a STORM
Bass should it be let go, heck no
Want to be hard, cause you failed to be techno
Rugged, ripped and rough hittin like