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That's all right by me
Anyway, anyway you want it That's the way it will be
standing here 
Waiting on you 
I can hardly wait 
To make you mine (mine, mine)
It's time to go 
And nothing can stop 
Or even delay 
Our journey's
long journey
Long, long journey, journey back home
Back home to you, feel you by my side
Long journey, journey, journey
Yeah in the midnight, in
without you
I want you, I'm just too proud to beg
So sad the journey made
So high the price we have to pay
All for love...
And it hurts you anyway
You see it all started out
With the very best of my sincere intentions
So I thought anyway
But that day that we got lost
I could tell she had
and the jewelry light shit up
Each piece of jewelry I own, I ice it up
You don't want to put your vehicle next to us
'Cause all of our vehicles, we dress 'em up
The Dark by Firehouse

You know the whole world is changing and it's moving so fast
That today's innovations never seem to last
You're just

In walks Billie, she's maintenance free
She'll be whatever he wants her to be

It's the same price, anyway
Same price, you have to pay
It was supposed to be so easy...

Just take back the DVD
Withdraw that extra money
Tell mum I wouldn't be back for tea
Then grab my savings
hanging in the windows by the pound
I don't believe you go to heaven when you're good
Everything goes to hell, anyway

I only want to hear you purr
I take a deep breath
The smell might get me high
You get fucked up just to get by

I sleep all day cause I can’t open my eyes
You pissed it all
want you
I want you so much I could bust
I know a thing about lovers
Lovers lie down in trust

Love goes on anyway!
Love goes on anyway
You'll be living in the shadows of your secrets

Your heart has something I don't have
Your heart has something I want to have it anyway
I want to have
keeping up with the tradition of the band
Because we're shooting a live DVD out of this one
So it's time also for the open letter
I'll might show
on the Catholics,
The Jews,
The Blacks,
And the Whites.
You can take any doctrine and surely waste
Another life.
Any way that you want it to be,
By popular
it don't make sense at all
But I guess if I was brave
Then I wouldn't walk by faith.

If it's weakness that You want,
I've got more than enough.
standing by your side 
A long day's journey into night 

Those seconds are the rags of time 
But they will make you see 
Those moments never pass you by
She doesn't call before midnight, if at all
Oh, she never stays to watch the night turn to day

But I'm like use me baby, anyway you want
I wish
then from time to time
Look in my eyes
Oh the gold is not far beneath the stone
If that will not say, it doesn't matter anyway 
Jenny won't you
And I wondered if you felt the same
Just say the word, I'll be on my way
I'm just a few, few blocks away
I just want to see your pretty face
I feel so crazy now
Maybe everything is not okay
But I'm gonna do it anyway

But if I'm ever after you
All we hear is laughter

I don't want
you know, I gotta let you know
Just wanna let you know

Anyway you want me baby
That's how you gonna get me
And I wanna let you know
It's gonna last
you really rub it in, when you say your over me and you want to be just friends...

Hey, what about the promises you made to me that we'll always be
in my eyes
Oh, the gold is not far beneath the stone
If that will not say, it doesn't matter anyway
Jenny, won't you please take me home?
so sorry that I let you down
By the way, it's true
But anyway, someone's always gonna let you down
If not me, then who?

P.S. I'm so sorry that I