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Heaven anyway 
Now,I'm gonna lay me down[down,down...] to sleep 
I pray to the lord and to Heaven:go bless my soul to keep 
and if I should die before I
Feeling like a book is corny so they keep a nine
Lord bless em' got me stressin' while I'm raising mine
See in the hood people think you won't amount
amazin'! (amazin') 
I'm alive, I got by with my life!

Every time I look around it seem 
Like I'm in trouble, pressured by the devil.
Lord I love You
in this neighborhood chess game
Move one step at a time, long as the Lord bless me (f'real)
I know the rest aim high, I'm tryin to aim it higher
rather be soldier than a coward any day 
Bitch I'd rather smoke a hydro watch my cash flow
Call me Gangsta,Gangsta never fuck me thank ya
If you
Someone's out to get me when I haven't done shit wrong

My head felt swoll, mista couldn't see past my mouth
What route did you take man
Caught me by that
and what you call 'God'
Holy Bible to the Holy Quran
Everybody seekin' salvation
Some try to get it by smokin' dumb-dums
Some only feel it when they get