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through the jungle in this world
Of wackos

Blown by the wind or taken
By the current and being hurried
To be burried is what you inherit
Grow up with
packing anyways, do they, Fuzz?
We walked up, stomped they asses and blew they buzz
Mics get sandblasted
Stab your abdomen with a hand crafted pocketknife
tie all by myself
I'm getting tied, I'm forgetting why

Oh, we're so disarming, darling, everything we did believe
Is diving, diving, diving, diving
they're the people on the street
Where the fuzz in the navel make the people want to eat
My shallow mind is just a sign of your game of life
Get found
long do I have to pay
You know you belong here beside me
I'm a fool for you anyway
I'm a fool for you anyway
I'm a fool for you anyway

Well I
said "meow"
She said her name was tammy
And her sugar hills worked the cure
I came to her in jammies
And I left so-phista-mature

Dirty mutha fuzz

Good morning, pigs
Good morning, fascists
You fags
You creeps
You bastards

This indoctrination
On the inside and they didn't even smoke

Anyway two weeks before the mad kid had said to me
"ill take both of you on,
Ill take both of you on"
Then he

Well I cried for you so long 
My river of tears ran dry 
And I tried to be so strong 
But grew weaker as time went by 
You know your love
and fluttered his face with the fuzz of a dandelion.
Long about noontime
Floating 'cross the field, Georgie heard the peel of a bell being rung by the parson
They grab you by the collar
And they throw you through the door
You don't have to be in the army
To fight in the war

Well, you're working very hard
along the way

Radio fuzz on the fence post by the pasture
Long ago Liza and you would dance all day
Now you lay buried, the stern and sacred father
Twenty first so far is hazed
Judgment by the like in views made
Permanence has run away
Hand in hand with career in shaping clay

Fast in
Concertina concertina a chill that bends 
This I swear you're the fiercest calm 
I've been in the soul quake 
Happened here in a glass world 
Particle by
you anyway

I'm gonna get you
I'm gonna get you anyway

I'm gonna get you anyway
By sheer persistence
I'm gonna get you anyway
Break down your
paralyzed by a voice in your head
It's the standing still that should be scaring you instead
Go on and
Do it anyway
Do it anyway

There will be times
at all
You gotta flush your stash, baby, no,it ain't no use at all. 
I woke up in the morning, fuzz by my bed.
I took two alka seltzers and flew right
it shines right on the gutter
And you remember that he was there
And you should know, right there in the fold
That you grabbed him by his hair
and they didn't even smoke
Anyway two weeks before the mad kid had said to me
"I'll take both of you on,
I'll take both of you on"
And then he seemed
thinkin' 'bout us
And I'm feelin' in love
With you here by my side
It seems like I can't do anything right
I've been thinkin' 'bout us
And I'm feelin' in
Peel me a grape
Crush me some ice
Skin me a peach
Save the fuzz for my pillow
Start me a smoke
Talk to me nice
You gotta wine me
And dine me
Peel me a grape, crush me some ice
Skin me a peach, save the fuzz for my pillow
Talk to me nice, talk to me nice
You've got to wine me and dine me
The flow of electrons aboard the compass
Tweaking the needle towards hell
Where the confluent harmony turns to fuzz
By field lines of anguish that
This beautiful tree
Boo hoo
Give up living
They give in 

On The Buses, up the stair
By the television

Try to relax
But into your coma
Explode when you notice I'm gone
(You wait anyway)
Paid for by flesh
Not quite expecting
Twisted inside