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about anything
Never been afraid
To say
What's on my mind
At any given time of day
'Cause I'm
rappers for the fuck of it
Live by the mantra: live live, die never so
In other words, the real legacy breathes forever

Drunk driving on a Wednesday
featuring Blake see  Jay Z  Mr. Bristal 

[Blake C] 

What you sayin'? 

Roc A Fella (uh huh) 

Gener al (uh huh) 

B.I.G. (right on)
Hey yo, it's Mr. Low,key, you need to go see 
The host by far a mostly O.T., with a brand new show, but 
You know how the flow be
'Cause when I
to the bank
I get everything I want, and everything I see
I'm a pimp by blood, just like Jay-Z
I might be in a white tee, wearing fresh chucks and some