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judy garland drugs 
And let me get back to work 
'cause the empire state building 
Is the tallest building in new york 
And I always got the feeling
where you from that it's where you at
But where I'm from, why'all can tell, don't matter where I'm at
Born and bred in the streets of New York, New York
your spirit in
To all my niggas that's gon' fuck around and die today
Take our hats off, bow our heads and let us pray
Just wanna say

Stay blessed
8BSpace, Age-in baby
TSRight right right right
8BOne time
8BYeah, you know how they like it baby, nigga you can't retire

[8B] Space, Age-in baby
[TS] Right right right right
[8B] One time
[TS] Beyotch!
[8B] Yeah, you know how they like it baby, nigga you can
My lifestyle too hood, my music too 
That New York bullshit yeah, I’ll be on it
Ice cold blood, some say I’m black hearted
But you sorta guarded
a lil? Patrone tonight
I have a club lookin? like a fucking zoo, aiight
New music, you can't confuse it
With the other cliques or crews it's The Unit

lookin like a fucking zoo aiight
New music u can't confuse it with the other cliques or crews it's the unit

Girl what's it gonna take to have u close
get it
Liquor hangovers, weed medication
New York City, L.O.X federation
Any jail cell, our music is meditation
You don't want my niggas to act up
diamonds in the light
And we're standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine
What it takes to come alive

It's the way I'm feeling I just can
I drive fast cars, eat lunch by lakes
and meet a hundred different bitches when I drop new tapes

I had to sacrifice, get things right
In this rap
What did you care?
etc. etc.

Anything and everything can be so easily institutionalised,
A poor parody of itself. Itself contained by itself.