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of me
Running with my roots pulled up
Caught me cold so they could cut
What there was left of love

I'm rootless
I'm rootless

Work your fingers
We all know 
That the wind blows
And the moon glows
And our lungs grow

We belong to the floating hand
That's made by some animals

And we
and you
Making love like we was just two heated animals
Baby come and lay with me in my jungle

Ooh, I swear I'm about to go
Turn your body around
out the tree, girl, like a swarm of bees
That is how it's gonna be climaxin', you and me

Touch the root of your soul
Let Mother Nature take control
something pass by
As the river runs freely
The mountain does rise
Let me touch with my fingers

And see with my eyes
In the hearts of the children
to do
I feel better when I'm touched by you

So doctor me baby, down to my soul
Oh little baby, don't cha slip away
Your love in motion takes my pain
pull your goddamned tongue right out by the roots
I've got Basie conducting the band
I got a penthouse suite at the Sands
And my feet never touch
was in motion

And then the voice said may fruits be created
And seeds take root as they may
And no crimes were as yet committed
Life was breathing
You can turn me on by remote control
You tell me love is just a chemical
And if this is true then I don't need you
I don't need anyone, I don't

don't ever touch me (again)

haunted by the ghost of the thing left to past
In fear of the presence, the power it has
Realizing there's
know what it said?
When they're torn out by the roots
Young brothers join in cahoots
To send a smoke signal
Near and far
A smoke signal
No matter
Take a second, open your mind
Take a step back, and stop this madness

Animal hair is burned beneath young noses
It gives me nausea the way the roots
impulsive, we're animals

Some girls may turn me up, but only you, baby, turn me on
When we touch it's so explosive, it seems my life's been leading to this
never been touched before
And by your spine I'll bruise your veins and touch your very core
Let my concrete be your red carpet
My shooting galleries
'cause I'm hip to ya game
Hoes be acting like they love me but they only want to fuck me
And suck me but don't touch me
Back up off me hooker 'cause I
Well I never had a place 
That I could call my very own 
But that's all right my love 
'Cause you're my home

When you touch my weary head 
And you
I was born botanical
the soul of an animal
deep beneath the layers, I sink my roots
no need for mechanical
I come strictly organical
when I need
with kinks
When it all goes down, have no idea what it really means.
To live by words, if scripture is roots,
And the wise hold they tongue when
parasite eve of the title fight
Someone took a dive tonight Follow where the money goes
Sick as this, money makes love, thug, cardiac
Money black heart
know your love is real
You satisfy my every want and need

Hey boy!
You're always on my mind
We need to spend more time
Cause no one else can touch my
of animals bound by leather strips, dance through the air with laughter as I wield this wicked whip, as you did warn me carpenter, this world has weakened my
I'm hip to ya game
Hoes be acting like they love me but they only want to fuck me
And suck me but don't touch me
Back up off me hooker 'cause I won't
With the root of fresh trees planted elsewhere

Only then will you obtain a wilderness
That cannot be penetrated, petrified family tree

Too much so that we could wipe out,
We got that classic touch,
Nothin' changed,
Still representing the same, boy,
You betcha,
the best way to perfect our tree
Is by building walls
Walls like unicorns
In full glory
And galore
And even stronger
Than the walls of Jericho