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You animal, you ungrateful
You cannibal, eat my soul
Impossible way to love you
Incredible love I show
Unstoppable situation
Decided by my
the sniper inside of the foxhole
Data, scientifical, not just the typical
Waste matter my third eye expands my periphreal
See I, only attack, savage animals
Accompanied by bloodshed
Neath the Reaper's sallow craw
In league with fallen angels
Came a wolf unto my door

A portrait of perfection
of animals
Savages and cold blooded canibals
I can't help but come but abouts me
try to run but they found me, surround me
Then they choke ya, and provoke ya
187, gang related, I'm accused 
 And after every court date my face is on the news 
 They say I wrote a song about a murder 
 I maintain my
don't shop on my hit list 

'cause I can be a witch if 

They music is cool, and it can calm the savage beast 

Then we got plenty of beats for
can be a witch if, they say music is cool
And it can calm the savage beast
Then we got plenty of beats for the beasts to eat

A party animal that's
whore, even if she ain’t my type
And this song is inspired by Broadway play called Hamilton I saw that changed my life
Right away, so my next move is