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Marcy Playground - The Angel of the Forever Sleep
Hello, I have come from heaven
Down, All these things 
My angel wings
Hold to them tight
she adored 
Through spring and summer, fall when snow is fallin' 
Her spirit roams these hills forever more 
The mountain angel's voices ever more
Up into other worlds
Other ascensions
Without deep sorrow to endure

Black Sunday of sleep
Open for small angel escapes
Moved by buildings
an Angel, here in my life
I found an Angel and you were here all this time
I found an Angel, lying right by my side, tonight

I run my hand through your
Send a message to God in Heaven
I'm thankful to be alive
Cause you sleep from 11 to 7
And work hard from 9 to 5
Cause can't nobody last forever
You can fly forever, never wonderin? why
Dream angel in my arms
With just one smile you can take my heart away

I'll do the best that I can
Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask thee to stay
Close by me forever, and love me I pray
Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care
And fit us for
of a Down,
Fell asleep in Linkin's Park and woke up in Marcy's Playground.
Sniffing White Stripes with a Seven Nation Army,
Waiting for Marilyn Manson to egg
a saving grace

Seeing the signs of the times
Forever is now there’s no rewind

Slip inside my dream, carry me away
Time goes by
No matter what you say or do
In heaven I'll be right there by your side
In heaven you won't cry yourself to sleep at night
I promise I'll wait for you
In Heaven is where our
the darkness she's forever waiting
The light is gone but hope is never fading
Where could she be, dear missing Miss Charlene?

The playground is forsaken, cold
Sleep well my angel
This won't be less than perfect
Sleep well my angel this city isn't worth it
Wake up the streets are burning
The avenue is
Send a message to God in heaven
I'm thankful to be alive
'Cause you sleep from 11 to 7
And work hard from 9 to 5
'Cause can't nobody last forever
So we had to dig deeper
We had to dig deeper

And the deep was dark
I wanted to sleep forever
Wake up later, maybe never
We had to build
will shed a tear
It dried up but it couldn't run forever
Ruby dear that's what we hear

I still like the ocean
Down by the sea
They left that door
Alone in my sinister crypt, I evoke the ancients,
I raise my chalice of pure blood sacrificed angels,
towards the moon, and I cry my reading,
Look at the wastelands of tomorrow
...What a beautiful sight
The sand turned into black stone
...The sea turned to ice
Sunlight covered by eternal
devil sleeps beside you)

Love's the greatest thing
I got an angel without wings
Now, you told me that you're free
Whatever that may be
cyclones of frostwinds I lift my hands
And join the ceremonial circle of the wind

Eyes of stone now sleeps into eternal night
This winter is forever
do or die, Marcy, son, evrybody trying to survive
Maintain yo strip, cokaine this shit
We ain't leavin till we drain this shit
Playin this shit, street
Angels mourn crying, praying for your soul
As my eyes open from their state of sleep I feel my blood
Turn into a frozen river
Nightmares so close
Weak midnight promises of love
Were wept upon Her grave
And shunned by stars above
In mortal life lurks my dismay
An Angel stole my heart
Full full moon and
That same sad nature
I wanna cover every inch of you
Like ink on paper
Like the blind parade of souls
Consumed by religion
Words and music by roddy frame

When the rainy season comes
I hang my head
For all the things I've seen
And done and said
And then I wonder why
Now shone with bold intensity

Vast the power it possessed
The darkness Brought to living flesh

This treasure was ancient, taken by force