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After the wash
Before the fire
I will decay
Melt in your arms
As the day hits the night
We will sit by candlelight
We will laugh
We will sing
kneel by her and pray
And I'll turn off the light
Step out in the night
And I'll go on my way

She's got to be a saint
Lord know that I ain't
are not there 
This little hereafter 
I fear the silence after the voices 
This cold so cold
Je crains les rues, le jour et les gens
Et la solitude
kneel by her and pray
And I'll turn off the light
Step out in the night
And I'll go on my way

She's got to be a saint
Lord know that I ain't
At Saint Julian's Medical University
Four ambitious students are taking experiments into the nature of death a bit too seriously
(Death after life)
on the cross to humanity save

The pervetion and evil only start after you came
Because you was only a crazy lier
False saints were with you on your insanity
hadn't given me this solitude
It's a gift that keeps on givin' after you've gone gone gone gone
When my heartaches all have gone it will be because you
It was here I was born
While the stars held their breaths
After ages of pseudo-presence

I climbed the final steps
Up from deep beneath
mourning lord

Why should we let you by?

The road is blocked by men of three

If you need ask, you already know

They said to let him pass, to leave
Image like fast spliced line
Covered by the rough knots just like the bark covered
By the brown knags.

In the middle of the dead world left ship
You got old and wrinkled
I stayed seventeen
You lusted after so many
I lay here with one
You defied your solitude
I came through alone
As the pain was dulled by the grains
Absolved by spoons in flames
In fear in time dissolving

It's not for the faint of pulse
Or anybody false
disciples writhe with their delight
Full moon is glowin' & you turn toward the sky
Eternal saints are calling, you seem to burn alive
Mesmerized by fire
From the shelter of your solitude you see her
Running circles 'round the emptiness within
And you wonder what it's been like to be her
As you feel
After all these implements and texts designed by intellects
So vexed to find evidently there's still so much that hides
And though the saints dub
The train left westwards on a Saturday sunrise
We rode along the linear scaffold
To a fertile sidetrack
Not yet been tamed
By urban architecture
I see you here night after night
All by yourself in the blue neon light
A drink in your hand, a tear on your face
A beautiful woman so out
to much for me
With sin in full bloom my gloom booms by the full moon
And I'm thinking to myself how can you rescue me?

My before and after
I had a dream the other night when all the world was still
That I walked out with Abraham below a fortress on a hill
We looked across the Saint
A solitude of horror in his hours off guard
Nature took her hideous revenge
Out of the black abyss came
The creeping madness that was his other
Each morning after Sunblest
Feel the benefit, mental arithmetic
I waited by the staff room
In time for benediction
Living a law just short
So we formed the Saint Patrick Battalion
And we fought on the Mexican side

We marched 'neath the green flag of Saint Patrick
Emblazoned with
I'll see you in the springtime
After the battle is won
I know I'm crossing over
As far as we have come

And I want your hand in mine, dear
As we face
the work of devils and of angels
And in the end it''s all the same

After the flames died down I remember
Alone imprisoned by the force of hands
Don't be talkin' 'bout nobody else
You got enough trouble by yourself
Your heart's broken and so is mine
Ya better watch what you say next time