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Call me in the morning just before the breakfast show
We'll watch TV and analyse the weather
Before we go to work we'll have planned the day ahead
rappers for the fuck of it
Live by the mantra: live live, die never so
In other words, the real legacy breathes forever

Drunk driving on a Wednesday
She lives her life
I'm living mine

All dem a gwaan dem a dem a dem a gwaan
Dem a gwaan gwaan gwaan, sof-sof-softer sof-softer
All dem a gwaan dem a dem
line dialectic
Dig the perspective
Of an open minded skeptic
Where you're skeptical
Looks don't count
Better off judging by rhymebooks
And share
Hey, yo, raise 'em up, hold ya cup
Up, let the Alize fill them up
Thug passion, love passion, niggaz, who be actin'?
Grey Goose, cranberry juice
it's worth I got the right net
Sittin' here excited by some shit that ain't write yet
No regret, live by a code you don't know 'bout
Y'all niggas
the ghost of Jesus walking by

I never sleep
When trouble steals thoughts from my restless mind for free, it could be,
The times I'm living in I
crook, Gruff could never live by the book

[Chorus 2X]
one nation
Ghetto bust like revelation, analyse
losin' two wives livin' two lives
Crew rise American Cream new guys
Two hundred pies get rich
cranberry regal 
Stepped off, double oh-eight style 
Bubble the tape out, real niggaz who kill bless the weight style 
The treasure map stash billions,
Ridin blowin big sippin on a daily basis
Quick to hop by on your block and wreck faces
Slammin door's open spaces looking good standing
by the fours
so in other words, nah man, skip the explanation
see that what the rewind's for, so be patient
'cause this is the direction that my pen
to my stoned dome
And analyse, who to tear through, I dare you
Devils that try to ban me that dare would be bare proof
Who's he? stalking the streets
Everything, women wiggle that ass
All my niggas analyse the color contrast
Live parallel, bound, shake control that ass
Champagne toastin' while you splittin' Clark Bars 

I'd rather be live at The Tunnel with Flex 

Then on the corner holdin' bundles, next 

you in the mental
Too much weight to analyse the potential
Amounts of pressure that'll tilt your scale
And as for 85's I describe it in braille
play, Chris Childs play, this is grown man rap
Posted by the bar holding a scotch
Don’t know what time it is, you got too much gold on your watch
beef came to do it
Aim and shoot it, flames ?til your brains the fluid
Ya'll just kids, see what I just did, take a couple bars off
Let Just {Blaze} live