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to take charge 
Whoever said we can't live large? 

To seek out fortune without distortion 
And stop livin' for just a small portion 
There is a move
And a bitch by the name of America's on it
The same bitch that jacked my forefathers
And the Indians took my motherfucking religion
Place a holy Bible in my
Get the fuck up!
Simon says get the fuck up!
Throw ya hands in the sky (Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo!)
Queens is in the back sipping 'gnac, y'all wassup?
ass soft commercial rhyme
I don't sound like Phyllis Simon or the Wynans
I rock Central Park but do not mistake me for Paul Simon
I can't hear nothin
of my character
Just demassing me in the America
My younger sister, Erika, just adopted a child
My older brother served fifteen, he made it out
got a call from Paul, told me shit wasn't working
Exchange words, I told him tell me that shit in person
He probably told Em, and by the way did he
virgin clear 
His voice is Chicken Little's -- But he's hearing Paul Revere 

When he catches himself giggling -- he forces up a sneer 
Though he'd
Parody of â??The Real Slim Shady" originally performed by Eminem
May I have your repentance please?
May I have your repentance please?
Will you tell
his shoes Old rules, left no clues Body found floating in a bloody pool Mass hysteria in America Game lock down like a pitbull terrior Bitch been